Brewing hatred along the border!

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What it actually means to be in a country, a nation that is democratic and has the rights for its citizens defined. We have seen how the democratic constitutional rights of individuals have been demolished by the people in power. Now, what happens is the fact that either the people or the government takes the other for granted, and hence the problem starts. Does the nation know or understand what its people want? This has been a long-standing question, especially in India. The largest democracy in the world stands on the verge of implosion today as internal conflicts escalate. We have seen how the political and ideological differences can create a divide in the political system of the country. This is more evident when we think or talk about the Union government’s disagreement with state governments, as in the case of New Delhi or West Bengal. We are living evidence of the fact that the turmoil between the Union and state governments results in the suffering of the people. And in today’s context, it is easier to end a life and do away with the differences than to sit and amicably discuss the same.

What recently happened in the Assam-Mizoram border is a standing testimony to the fact that deep-rooted hatred exists between the people of respective states. But the million-dollar question remains – how do differences lead to the verge of even taking each other’s lives. Recently, a good number of Assam police jawans lost their lives while trying to sort differences with its Mizoram counterparts. Killing, in any pretext, can never be justified! Many people reacted to the border tensions, going on for a few days. As the Assam chief minister shared the dark incident of six police personnel sacrificing their lives for the same, the Mizoram chief minister was quick to respond. He reacted with a tweet that informed his Assam counterpart about the incidents that led to the escalated tensions between the forces of both states. Notably, at least 6 Assam police personnel lost their lives and many others were injured in the mentioned clash.

Killing in any form cannot be accepted among a civilised population. The officials in Mizoram mentioned that a group of miscreants from Assam’s side had set fire to several huts in the Mizoram’s side of the border that led to the escalated confrontation the other day where the six lives were lost. However, the fact remains that the state’s forces cannot open fire until they have a superior order. Moreover, the state forces should have to get involved in talks or dialogue with the people so that the situation could have been brought under control. What the Mizoram administration did by ordering the shooting is a black blot on Indian history. Such struggle between fellow countrymen shows the level of frustration and the divide created by the ruling Union government. Ultimately, it is not about the difference in borders but the difference in the hearts that leads to such hatred!   

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