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“If you want to shine like a sun, first burn like a sun.”

-A. P. J. Abdul Kalam

First of all we have to be clear about what has deterred us till date from becoming a developed nation. We have man power, talent pools, a strong cultural background, an exemplary history, world gurus, top corporate leaders, natural resources, we possess everything required to become a super power.
Also we have our follies – corruption, astronomical population, lack of education (even now we confuse our statistics literate people with educated people), blind believes, political eagles, and most importantly – lost confidence! These are some elements I guess deter us from becoming World no. 1 or developed nation.
Before going to elaborate these issues, may I be clear on what account we wish to become developed nation – Knowledge, Population, Military, Economic. If it is Knowledge – we have already proved ourselves world’s no. 1 talented people. If it is population – we are surely going to pass over China even without making any effort. Military – this is a induced factor – Pakistan, China on one hand, America and Russia are there on the other hand to stretch us to that level.

The importance and cultural consciousness of India is dialectically incredible but however, the matter of realistic statistic needs to be an account of articulation and analysis then the scenario of the nation comes into clearance. Though we have crossed seventy years of independence but yet not achieving the significance of development and free from all evil force or a country is called developed when the citizens are fulfilling their basic needs including education, healthcare, daily lifestyle, jobs, sanitation etc.   Dr.  APJ Kalam once said, “It is only our political system that gives the required support to farmers, scientists, doctors, engineers, teachers, advocate and other professionals alike to enable this nation to achieve success in the green revolution, white revolution, space mission, defense mission, space and technology mission, and infrastructure development mission.”

Indeed, the realistic application to build the nation is yet not forming to render uniformity of developed nation. Kalam’s vision is yet ‘miles to go before sleep’ the poetic diction of Robert Frost. The eclipses are merely not vivid into the realistic reformation of significant nation building proposition. His vision for the nation was based on equality, the dignity of the individual and justice, social, economic and political, to every Indian. Only then can India succeed and everybody sing the song of India, he used to say. The developmental propositions in the course of Modi’s governance which are hoping to see at per realistic marg but questionably it is reckoning an unidentified proposition of development. Why it is so? Then we shall have to say that Kalam’s vision is yet a far to be real and realised. Perhaps, the nation is going through a tunnel of post-industrial illusion of digitised fragments. This digitised fragment does not have realistic castration of approach to determine the vision of the nation.  So, ‘making India’ also could be a drench in the frame of developmental proposition. Instead, this approach there is more realistic possibilities upon the vision of freedom and appropriate significance of development.

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