China’s trade and terrorism

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  • Jim Rohn

The world has not changed much since the industrial revolution that led to the race for colonies and world dominion by European powers and late in the race by Japan, the only Asian country to join them. Due to people’s changing ethics, temperament and world view, the Europeans had to give up their colonies but the basic tenets which drove them so furiously across the globe unleashing wars, revolutionising navigation and mechanising war remain the same- trade and commerce. And to this day these have remained. No nation in the world now remains isolated, except North Korea. Every country has to deal with other countries and Vietnam is also dealing with US as well as with China, the countries that tried to destroy it. The trade and commerce that has driven the world after the World War II remain firmly in place. The largest democracy on earth, India and the largest country on earth, China are professing Communism, but saw the merit in capitalism are no exception. The only way to world dominion is trade and commerce that has brought the British to India and Indians buying up London, which proves that this game of world dominion can be played by everyone.

Now, China is in expansion mode of its military and trade. But in trade, China cannot afford to use its military, except in cases where it will grant it victory over the hearts of others. In this 21st century, all world politics revolve around trade and commerce, maintaining high standard of living and avoiding war. So far, the world has avoided wars but violence in regions has occurred and terrorism is everywhere. Terrorism that has plagued developing nations have reached the US and Europe and made it everyday reality of life for them as well. However, China very well knows that terrorism is no fun when it threatens to interfere with selling of goods and giving out loans to the Americans.

The Chinese cannot go back in bag and baggage from all over the globe like the Europeans did, and the only option is to please the customers. New Delhi is attempting to once again declare Jaish-e-Mohammed chief Masood Azhar as global terrorist after its previous two attempts failed at the UN. Beijing is well aware about its position now that has changed a lot, since the revolution led by Mao Zedong has brought order in the vast country. New Delhi’s step in exerting pressure on China about terrorist Masood Azhar is in the right direction. And getting others, like the US and Europe is a master stroke. For New Delhi, now is the moment to mend fences with both Islamabad and Beijing. The first priority should be with Beijing for equality in trade and for China to sell quality goods to India as even some goods are FMCGs like candies that directly impacts the health of Children. As the understanding with China progresses, Islamabad’s wisdom will dawn upon itself making the almost banana nation realize that it is better to trade for development than proxy war.


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