Contributing to nation building 

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“The ballot is stronger than the bullet.”

– Abraham Lincoln

One can say that India is slowly but steadily becoming a mature democracy where opposition and the ruling party only stand for policies and the ideology they represent. Till India becomes a matured democracy we will have to undergo various upheavals like opposition for being in the opposition’s sake. A frustrated and decimated opposition can also give rise or can even directly create entities that create chaos in the society without accepting the blame directly although people know it all along. When the entities become trouble-makers they disown them and also by somehow, the indirectly create elements to help them in coming to power later. They can always blame the party in power of not taking corrective measures on time. Flashes in the political sphere of India happen from time to time with them remaining endemic most of the time. India as a whole has yet to benefit from a pan India phenomena which have benefited the common man. Recently events that are purely political but masked as genuine humble people’s protest occurred in Maharashtra and now in Gujarat.

Nevertheless, the issues taken up by people like Hardik Patel do represent grievances of certain sections of a society for which the powers that be has no solution to offer. In all likelihood Patel will be persuaded to give up his fast unto dead with the correct amount of persuasion by the opposition parties and dissidents in the ruling party. Interestingly some disgruntled BJP leaders are already visiting him. It is always a difficult job to be on the driving seat of a developing country with myriad problems and it is even so with hostile neighbours around. It is time New Delhi visualises an India of Indians, but most probably it will create a furor, so an India can be initiated where there is no Indian that will have to be first identified with one’s caste, birth and region.

An alternative solution should be brought forward by the opposition which will put an end to demands that are basically deemed as a threat by other sections of society if the government wants to appease one community. The fractured opposition has sections led by leaders among who are rabble rousers, known to play caste politics leading to fractious society and selfish survivalist in socialist apparitions. The attention around Hardik Patel is there for potential political mileage to be derived from the community that he claimed to represent. New Delhi has a difficult task at hand that is for sure. The nation should contribute to the political sphere that is development oriented with amelioration of all sections of society and not give rise to flashes in the pan, even if momentary, which have already cased unwanted diversion with loss of lives and harm to the economy. With formerly untouched sections of the society coming forward with aspirations but still unable to express themselves at the national should be given encouragement by the opposition that will contribute to nation building.

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