Covid 2nd wave: Whom to blame for lives lost?

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Covid-19 has been the worst-hitting calamity of the world of our time. An invisible virus crumbled huge, rich as well as powerful nations under its terror. Many precious lives have been lost, dreams crushed and aspirations killed as the world still tries to bring the virus under control. So much so, that the most social of all animals – ‘Homo Sapiens’ have been forced to strictly maintain social distance. There was very little that the governments across the world could do, for the lives that were lost after the sudden pandemic hit us.

But gradually, we saw how nations bounced back, given their sheer determination to outwit the virus. The USA, China, Italy are some successful examples, where despite its origination and mass infection, the virus is currently losing the war. Back here in India, it seems that the government is unable to recover from the shock of subsequent waves of the virus. Though the efforts of the Indian government were appreciated the world over, in the beginning, it was quick to declare its victory against the virus. This is evident from the fact that right after the first phase of lockdowns in the country; people, administration, and the government were seen busy hitting the streets either in the name of economic revival or assembly elections. We witnessed how the protocols were made fun of by the very bureaucrats and political leaders during massive election rallies that in turn encouraged more and more people to flout the Covid guidelines.

Now all these were before even the mass vaccination had begun properly in the nation. The Indian leaders proved their worthlessness in such a dire situation with some chanting songs – ‘Go Corona Go’ to make the virus go away; while others offered Puja to so-called ‘Corona Mata’ to pacify the supposedly Corona deity. Some even went to claim a cure against the virus; like the makers of ‘Coronil’, which of course, they retracted from later. As the nation was going through so much chaos, the second wave of coronavirus in the country saw a large number of people falling prey to it. The months of May, April, and June were filled with news reports of corona deaths across the nation. Many of these deaths, if seen properly, were the result of not the virus but the lack of infrastructure, equipment, and medicines during the critical moment. Many lives were lost due to the non-availability of oxygen and critical medicines, which were being black marketed openly then.

Now many people are questioning the role of the judiciary over the entire episode. The constitution of India guarantees security to the life and property of its citizens, the very objective it failed to fulfil during the recent corona wave. The government and administration everywhere turned almost a blind eye towards the rampant black marketing of life-saving materials during the crucial second wave. Now the question remains, who is responsible for the deaths of so many precious lives that could have been saved if the government would take the matter seriously right after the first wave? Now, when the executive has miserably failed to control the pandemic and economic slowdown, shouldn’t they be persecuted as per law for their negligence that cost lakhs of lives?

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