Covid 2nd wave: Whom to blame?

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All eyes are now on India, with the world monitoring the deteriorating scene of the nation. The second wave of coronavirus seems to have affected India much more than the first one did. The situation is going from bad to worse and that too very fast. World Health Organization (WHO) chief Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus recently referred to India’s situation as a devastating reminder of what the coronavirus can do. India has the highest number of daily positive cases in the world. A majority of countries have also suspended any travel to and from India. We Indians had managed to fight back successfully during the first wave despite having fewer medical beds, medicines and overall preparedness against the virus.

A year later with an increased number of beds and even vaccines, yet we have been cornered by the virus. But who is to be blamed for the current scenario? The government for showing leniency, the election commission for letting political parties take the Covid protocols for a toss or us the citizens for taking the virus for granted. From my perspective, everyone is an equal participant of this disaster. After the announcement unlock phases – almost everyone became careless again, the government departments became lenient again instead of continued strict adherence to Covid protocols. Having said this, we the citizens are the prime reasons behind the current scenario. Our non-adherence to protocols and our carelessness has once again given the virus the upper hand. In India the majority of the population seems to not even have learned the correct way of wearing masks. Disposal of used masks is another problem of the country. Ironically, even a good number of literate and learned people were seen roaming around flouting all the Covid protocols. Our lack of understanding the situation and adapting to the new normal is the actual reason behind the surge in cases.
However, the carelessness of the general populace may be also attributed to the decision of the Election Commission of holding elections amidst the pandemic. The organisation of massive public rallies, where Covid protocols go for a toss, by political parties made the people believe that coronavirus was defeated for good. Even some leaders, who have massive followings, who made statements mentioning that masks were no longer required and influenced people to attend such mass gatherings further enhanced the sense of security among the people. Many started thinking that if the people can attend the political rally why couldn’t they carry on with their normal lives. This is where we went wrong! As soon as we dropped our guard against the virus, it hit back and stronger. Nevertheless, having learnt the lesson, it’s time we heed to the protocols and be very cautious in our daily life. Patience and perseverance are the need of the hour. With the vaccines being now open for all the adults, we must strictly adhere to all the rules and get the jab when time comes to once again beat the virus, and this time for real good.

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