Covid 3rd wave scare

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As the horrors of Covid-19 slowly but gradually start leaving our minds, almost everyone is worried about the third wave. Experts had earlier predicted that the third wave would hit as early as October last. Well, the numbers did see a small climb after the autumn festivities but clearly were not alarming as India has seen worse. But the million-dollar question still stands – will there be a third wave of Covid -19? The Health Ministry has been warning of a possible third wave for some weeks now. But no one knows whether it will hit India at all and, if it does, how severe it will be. Having said this, if we have learned anything from the past, we very well know that the virus had its periods of surge and lull. Right now, it is a lull.

The Covid has hit over 220 countries and territories since January 2020. The virus had infected almost 252 million people worldwide, and the number of deaths had reached five million. The most severely affected countries include the US, Brazil, and India. If the health experts are to be believed then Covid will not go away, and we have to learn to live with it. They also predicted that the present lull could be the calm before the storm and a third wave is a distinct possibility. The national curve seems to have entered a declining phase now, after having peaked on May 6 last. “We cannot take the current stable situation for granted, and we have to be mindful of the fact that the pandemic is going on and can take an untoward turn if we are not careful,” NITI Ayog member (health) Dr VK Paul has cautioned. Meanwhile, some experts believe that, if a third wave hits now, it is likely to be weaker than the previous one. Also, both the Union and state governments are claiming that they are more prepared to tackle the third wave. Nationally, India did see the addition of many more hospital beds and oxygen carriers.

The optimism all-around may be justified this time. Firstly, over 1.1 billion people have got jabs already in the country. Hence, lowering the susceptibility significantly against the virus. Secondly, the initial hesitancy of the public has now given place to confidence. More people are coming forward to get vaccinated and the availability of vaccines is also better now. Thirdly, over the last one and a half years, both the union and the states have improved health care facilities, increased beds in both public and private hospitals, and made Covid guidelines mandatory. Unfortunately, it is us the people who have shown utmost carelessness to the virus. Many people, particularly during the festivities, are seen taking the guidelines for a toss. A good part of this carelessness comes from the belief that the worst is over. Memories of India’s devastating second wave of covid-19 are slowly receding. But it is better to be cautious than sorry. While the governments could do only that much, the onus is on the general public also to cooperate. They must be more conscious of the danger spreading covid by not following regulations.

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