Dominance of BJP over national politics

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“The saddest aspect of life right now is that science gathers knowledge faster than society gathers wisdom.”

– Isaac Asimov

Under the leadership of chief minister BS Yeddyurappa the BJP has once again burst into the south which once was thought to be insurmountable. With this, it is for everyone to see the growing dominance of BJP over national politics. BS Yeddyurappa was sworn in as the 23rd chief minister of Karnataka on Thursday (May 17). But the BJP not reaching the mark of 112 for simple majority of the 222 seats for which election were held it is time again for political underhand dealing. In 2008, the BJP cobbled up a majority to rule the state of Karnataka before the chief minister went down in corruption scandals at the personal level which also involved his cabinet colleagues which led to the BJP’s defeat in the next assembly election. For all it’s worth the opposition has even tried to divide the people of Karnataka on the basis of religion and caste.

The leadership of the Lingayat community to which BS Yeddyurappa belongs made its intention clear before the assembly election that it will not support the BJP. Even after all these the BJP still has the stigma of being a Hindu party with aspirations of creating a nation of the majority religion. This is where the opposition got it all wrong. The opposition should have given the people a better option than motivating the people to vote according to their religion and caste. It is time to be mature for us as a nation and we should not keep harping on religion, caste, community and region as a basis of national politics.

As per media reports the Congress had got the largest vote share, which means it is down but not out, not at least in Karnataka. The opposition parties that are still clinging to caste and religion as a basis of politics should stop doing so for the greater good of the nation. In a democracy, sans the opposition, we will have a one party rule which is akin to dictatorship. In a functioning chaos, that is our nation; political parties must have a yardstick for the well being of the nation that is common for the people of all regions of this sub-continent. On the other hand the ruling party BJP should also ameliorate the feelings of the opposition that gave them the chance to accuse it of being communal which is going for majoritarian dictatorship. At the same time, presently, the opposition is behaving like a juvenile and hoping to come to power with the same tricks which the people have tasted for the last several decades. The opposition parties should know that they are not being discarded but their lack of giving the people aspirations have done them in. Also, the leaders at the helm of a government should not be vindictive while in power which is clearly not good for the people as well as for governance. We have to give up our image of still being a third world nation with lower than third world mentality. New Delhi must ensure that the nation really has a place for all where the population lives without a sense of discriminated against on the basis of one’s believes, caste and region.

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