Election and aspirations of common man   

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Congress Yuvraj Rahul Gandhi as the Congress leader has been going as the fact that the BJP has been partially right when it says that the BJP’s control of the autonomous institutions is hampering the opposition parties at the national level to make any headway. Although, Congress might be right, it does not have much to show what the party means. Chief among them is the absence of an effective speaker in the non-BJP parties who can match Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s rhetoric or even the fluency of the BJP’s other front-ranking leaders. It is difficult to think of any occasion when an opposition politician has been able to hold the crowd spellbound for any length of time. Perhaps the only exception in recent years was the RJD’s Tejashwi Yadav who did draw surging crowds during the Bihar elections.
Another reason why the opposition parties are falling behind is their seeming lack of energy in contrast to the remarkable ability of the BJP leaders, including the septuagenarian Prime Minister, to storm across the length and breadth of the country without showing any interest in taking time off. Rahul Gandhi and Mamata Banerjee have been working hard to get as many votes as possible but the BJP is still giving them a hard time. But it isn’t only the dearth of orators and of the gung-ho spirit which is holding the opposition back. Its other failure is the inability to present coherent policies either on secularism, which is supposedly its main plank, or on the economy. What still makes Congress and other parties stand against the BJP in East India is the fact that they have an anti-Hindutva and a pro people campaign. With BJP having farmers and labourers protesting against it, they need a third front to value their demands. There is no denying that the BJP, meanwhile, having got a foot into the Bengal door, has put many familiar political templates into play. Most significantly, the outreach to non-dominant social groups, effectively used in Uttar Pradesh and Haryana, has been pursued with a social engineering map in hand and will possibly pay dividends in Bengal. However, Hindutva mobilisation in Bengal is, however, nuanced differently from that in Uttar Pradesh. It varies from seat to seat and between candidates.
To the first Prime Minister, moving forward was the main mantra. This objective is of prime importance all the more at the present time when India is regressing on multiple fronts whether it is the spread of bigotry or the overt and covert curtailment of democratic rights including those of interfaith marriage. Never was the correct interpretation of secular principles more important than now along with an economic vision which will integrate India with the rest of the world and not entrap it within the cages of juche, the North Korean word for self-reliance. What India wants today is a government that takes care of the downtrodden. The people want a leader who takes care of the country’s economy as well as its rural population. And hence the election becomes more so important for the people. And the result for the leaders for they are the ones who would make the policies in future.

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