India and Covid second strain

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For the last few days a new English word is becoming increasingly popular – ‘vaxtard’. The name has been coined for the followers of the vaccine cult. Supporters of this theory are of the opinion that in the next two to three years the human race is due for a culling. They further claim that the Earth’s human population will be cut to size, from 7 billion to just about 4 billion. However, there seems to be a major flaw in this idea as vaxtards are outnumbered by those who haven’t the time of the day for the vaccine. The pace of vaccination has not yet picked up in India, as evidenced by the fact that not many Indians are seen thronging vaccination centers. Interestingly, a soldier who took VRS said that he would not take the jab himself no matter what happens. He proclaimed that he does not have the confidence in the vaccines, more so, over the Union government and specifically in Prime Minister Narendra Modi.
In Maharashtra alone, almost 36,000 new Covid cases are being reported daily. Mumbai reports above 5,000 per day. The second coming of the coronavirus is making a respectable comeback. The major reasons for the surge in caseloads across India may be linked to the re-opening of the economy and people disregarding the mask rule and the social-distancing mandate. The Kumbh Mela and the election rallies in various states are the glaring testimonies of how and why the cases are on an upward trend in the nation. It is the arrogance and temptation of power that leads the politicians to be ingloriously unaware of the consequences of overcrowding in packed enclosures. Maharashtra is reeling under the impact of the deadly virus for the second time and it’s not just because of Vazegate and Vasuli-at-large. Millions have returned to work, in offices and factories and there are a lots of high-fives and handshaking being exchanged. To add to the chaos, there’s a new variant of the virus in Maharashtra called the “double mutant.” With all this going around, the million dollar question currently is – Is Covishield and Covaxin effective enough against this double jeopardy? So far, most Indian media have maintained distance from reporting on what vaccinations are doing to Indians, but there’re some disquieting news that ought to be reported.
Though India has been basking in the glory of creating the vaccine, with the new variants being reported from various quarters, many are not so quite sure about the effectiveness of the vaccine. The government too seems to be leaving it upon individual decisions – whether to take the jab or not? Though Indians seems to be busy with its economy, struggle of existence, elections and media it is safe to say that the vaxtard idea has not made much inroads in the nation as of yet. So far, India’s overall death tally is 1,60,692. But the number, as long as it stands in the background, does not alarm anyone. It seems more than the vaccine and anti-Covid strategies, the Indians want its government to open up the economy before the festival of Holi, lift all restrictions so that the dried-up pockets of the majority middle class can be refilled. After all, as the Indians have been claiming its either coronavirus or hunger for many.

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