India-Pak must end proxy war  

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“There is a certain enthusiasm in liberty, that makes human nature rise above itself, in acts of bravery and heroism.”

– Alexander Hamilton


Once again the Pakistani has made its presence felt by giving out contradictory indications by doing what Prime Minister Imram Khan led dispensation is giving out signals. The taking over of the hot seat in Islamabad by Imran Khan and offering to sit across the table and to help in Kerala flood-hit cut no ice with the army in Pakistan. For peace to be achieved in the sub continent Pakistan will have to stop taking terrorism as its state policy. For decades different Pakistani governments have been guided by the misguided notion that its identity is only its anti-India stance. Which is grossly wrong and nothing can be further from the truth. Born out of the same history of imperialism each other’s welfare lies in the well being of the other. It is even more so in case of Pakistan. India as well as Pakistan cannot go on fighting each other a proxy war which will take toll on economic front. Thousands of cores are spend on each day to fight terror in India and in Pakistan it is spending that much amount on financing, providing logistics and what the Pakistani state like to say ‘moral support’ to the terrorist.

Terrorism is a global scourge and one should look at it as it is. New Delhi is doing well by taking the fight against terrorism at the global level. The rivalry imagined by Pakistan with India cannot be sustained at any cost although Pakistani administration is dreaming to bring New Delhi on its knees it will only succeed in doing that to itself. It may sound hawkish but it is very logical that peace talks cannot go on with terrorist crossing into India to kill our soldiers at the border. In a rapidly changing world scenario, India and Pakistan stand only to gain as soon as this imagined slight by Islamabad is given a burial. Islamabad must realise that its people’s welfare and economic development cannot stand above appeasing the mullahs. The case with terrorism in Kashmir, nurturing jehadi terrorism on its soil and all the time shouting that it is fighting terror is seen through by the world now.

Although New Delhi can take some solace by the ditching of Islamabad by the present dispensation at Washington but it has no cure as long as the one who is suffering from a malady is refusing to be treated. Now it is a very appropriate time to work in collaboration that is a win win situation for both the nations. If Pakistan’s generals went on at the rate it is doing now by the time it realises that it is wrong it will be very difficult for everyone, and that will include India, to pull Islamabad from its ravine. The way Pakistani prime minister Khan is taking his steps seems to be on good intent but it is already acquiring the shape of a parody. Instead of aping someone he should do something that is his own and for Pakistan that requires uniqueness as no country can be measured with the same scale in terms of the problem of its people.

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