India plagued by more than coronavirus

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The coronavirus pandemic may be giving nightmares to the world but it seems that another political epidemic, on top of coronavirus, has gripped India. The nation is in a hot and sour soup as on one hand there are multiple gruesome rapes to be investigated on top of the Bollywood-drugs nexus and on the other is cat fights between the states and the centre. To top it all, the recent TRP scandal joins the circus, however it seems that the show has just begun. From the administration trying its best to eliminate evidence in the Hathras rape incident, to the CBI dilly-dallying the Sushant Singh death investigation and over vocal media organization being entangled in the TRP scam, nothing seems to be in order in today’s India. With such hullabaloo across the nation some of the major issues are finding the backseat including the CAA, EIA, farmers’ bills and the ever-dying GDP.

Having said this it seems that the centre is enjoying the current diversion in people’s agendas as it has all the time to strategize upcoming assembly polls in multiple states in the coming months. Why I say this, is for the fact that all current happenings do suggest the same thing. Firstly, the CBI in Mumbai seems to still have no clue in the SSR mystery death though it feels that something is amiss. But would they care to explain what? Or will the union home minister explain the findings till date? The answer up till this moment is a no! Then again, we have the multiple rape cases that rocked the Northern part of India recently. With the administration taking steps which has no logical explanation, except for themselves, no one knows what is cooking up there. Moreover, the sorry state of caste system differentiation is back to haunt the nation. As if these were not enough, the farmers’ bill protests is another thing that grabs the nation’s attention with some key essential items being released from government regulations. And to make the plate complete the recent TRP scam has the media fighting among themselves shifting blame from one end to another.

In the midst of this circus, some other issues like the country’s GDP, covid pandemic, unemployment, etc seems to be lost in the marsh. With all the spicy entertainment catered to its brim, people have their plates and minds full to bother about anything else. Times have indeed changed for everyone with the new normal. Interestingly, the post lockdown times are full of excitement for the people. Going by the trend we will not only need masks to cover our face but a separate mask to cover all our senses. The entire machinery in India has levelled up with media running after cars and TRPs, police destroying evidence, leaders growing beards and people hooked to everything spicy. It seems that coronavirus is not the only virus in the nation currently as more lethal viruses have entered and are spreading at a much faster rate. Well on a positive note research for the coronavirus vaccine is on but what vaccine shall save the nation from all other viruses is a thing to watch for.

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