Indian Army should be a pillar of national integration

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“If the misery of the poor be caused not by the laws of nature, but by our institutions, great is our sin.”

– Charles Darwin

Even after seventy years of independence, the nation has couple of issues to be dealt with. Soon after independence, the government should focus on national integration, where there are thousands of languages, religious sects and races with competing interests. But the government has failed to focus it in yester years for the reasons best known to them. India is a developing nation with ambitions to lift up its head above the others in the neighbourhood but it is also one of the nations where there are army boots among civilian population to control law-and-order instead of civil police. The nation has subdued separatist movements in Punjab which is rearing to raise the ghost of terrorism once again and in the Northeast and in Jammu & Kashmir.

Of late, the government has been taking the right initiatives in this direction in bringing peace in the nation as far as integration is concerned. This initiative will go very far in creating trust among the people all across the country which is considered as a sub-continent with a vast population. Along with all the ills of a developing nation, it has to deal with terrorism in Jammu & Kashmir, Naxals in North and militancy in Northeast compounded with hostile neighbours like Pakistan. From the time Pakistan was born its sole identity has been being an-India. Time and again the hand of Pakistan has been exposed in terrorist activities in India. If Pakistan’s policy is to sponsor terrorism in its neighbouring country, India cannot prevent it from becoming a banana republic but it has to create an environment of peace and trust in the nation. But if the government spends millions of funds in engaging the Army in civil war, the people have to bear the brunt of the situation on underdevelopment. The presence of army jawans in civil population creates panic among the people- it never serves the purpose of national integration. It will also have a negative impact on both economy and defence of the country.

A national should keep its armed force not for proxy war- but for war. In other words- the army should be harbinger of national integration. So, the nation’s foremost interest should be peace and integrity of all section of people including cast, community and religion. The government should work steadily in bringing the people united which was not done in the past years. It is a good news for all that the government has recently decided to lift the Armed Forces (Special Powers) Act (AFSPA) completely from Meghalaya and partly from Arunachal Pradesh. It is a praiseworthy towards national integration. The effort should not be one sided, the people of the region should also reciprocate by participation in nation building. The Indian Army can serve as pillars that uphold the democratic tenets of the country. It is a disciplined force that has always worked within the framework laid down by the Indian Constitution. It operates in an exemplary manner that serves as a model code of conduct for the entire population. It can also serve to bring the entire country together both through deed and example. When the chips are down it is invariably the Army that the citizens of this country look upon to restore the situation.

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