Junta takeover of Myanmar!

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As the world reels under the menace of the pandemic, Myanmar battles a double war. One, like the other nations, with the coronavirus and the other with its military government. Notably, the army overthrew the elected government in Myanmar and took over power on February 1 last. And since then, many democratic and liberal leaders, as well as journalists, have either been jailed or killed. The internal conflict in Myanmar recently attracted the world’s attention and even sanctions from the US and few other countries. With the news aggravating the voice against the military government’s recent forceful takeover of the country, the internet had been flooded with solidarity messages for the people of Myanmar. Having a set agenda of not letting any kind of news or communication against the government outside the country, the junta government has gagged and suppressed the voice of the opposition from leaking out of the country.
After the world uproar in February right after the junta government’s takeover, the media had been flooded with reports of oppression and anarchy within the country. However, responding quickly to it, the government has since April covered all news emanating from the country. While the western nations seem to be unanimously standing against the military’s move in Myanmar, countries in Asia are rather divided over the situation. Many countries including its neighbour India are maintaining a neutral stand over the matter pointing it as Myanmar’s internal matter.  Japan, on the other hand, has clearly signalled that it won’t be imposing sanctions on Myanmar. Japan’s stand is understandable given the fact that it fears Myanmar tilting towards China which will be its greatest disadvantage. Notably, Japan has the world’s fifth-largest investment in Myanmar, amounting to approximately $1.4 billion. With China playing a major role in Asian diplomacy, many countries are keeping its safe distance from the Myanmar turmoil.
The western nations, on the other hand, have a pretty different approach towards the issue altogether. The United Nations General Assembly with a resolution on Myanmar on June 18 sought to ostracize the ruling junta. It demanded an immediate end to the five-month-old military takeover and set free the national leaders who have been incarcerated. Interestingly, the Asian giants including India, China, Russia, the United Arab Emirates, and Saudi Arabia abstained from voting on the issue. Many believe that Asian countries know the fact that the junta government in Myanmar is being secretly supported by China and hence do want a direct involvement. Meanwhile, China has been denying any sort of support to or involvement with Myanmar’s junta government. However, mere denial seems to be not working for the people of Myanmar. And as such Chinese factories in the country were set ablaze on March 15 by an angry mob which resulted in 39 lives being lost. Nevertheless, it is the unarmed, innocent common people who are being victimized amid the chaos. With Myanmar desperately trying to breathe, all eyes are now upon the United Nations to help the people in distress in Myanmar.

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