Lok Sabha polls: A significant exercise

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No struggle can ever succeed without women participating side by side with men.

  • Muhammad Ali Jinnah

The schedule for biggest democratic exercise in India has been announced. It will start from April 11. The mammoth hepthlon is very significant in the sense that it will determine the fate of India because never before in India will an election be held under an umbrella where the incumbent is solely accused of fiddling with the people’s faith and not on matter of something that can be seen. The incumbent officially fought the last election, during its office and at the present is wielding development as the cure for everything. Elements of the incumbent have been found from time to time attacking the minority both in physical and vocal terms. At the same time, no matter whatever the propaganda of the opposition may be, it was never determined that the incumbent has any official collusion in it, save for stray utterances here and there. The civilization of man has always been based on faith. Man and the Aztecs may have given up human sacrifice as offerings but its faith has not lessened in the 21st century either.

Although metaphysical, faith is what has driven men and so will it drive this general election in 2019. Matters of national chauvinism were always a uniting factor but in India it is no more. It has become a weapon to beat each other for the politicians regardless of the sentiments of the voters. The matter of security threatening the nation and terrorism in J&K with nationwide implication is very much real. But there were times when the opposition pointed fingers at the incumbent that the national response has been used for political benefit. But at the same time the opposition questioning each and every move of the incumbent as being done with an ulterior motive in the matters of national security is also wrong as it borders on anti-nationalism.

The master European leader, shrewd political strategist and unifier of Germany, Bismarck had used national chauvinism to unite Germany and as they say the rest is history. But the incumbent is no Bismarck otherwise the opposition would not raise a voice. Of late the opposition is trying to shed its image and trying to be a Socrates but in this age of ICE (Information, Communication and Entertainment), where a billion population and 90 crore voters across the country have 4G internet, even where there is no power, the voters get the drama that is played all around them. Development touted by the incumbent is material, physical but so is violence, but matter of faith is unseen that we all carry it in our hearts and that is no mean feat. After the satellite television channels, now we have the internet. The last general election was fought on giving hope and people having faith in it with technology as a carrier. In this general election it will be determined whether the hope that has inspired people to vote the incumbent will regenerate into fresh hope and faith. After this general election, whatever the result might be, India and the opposition will never be the same again.

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