Opposition for the sake of opposition

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“The question isn’t who is going to let me; it’s who is going to stop me”

– Ayn Rand

Politics and politicians in India take the patience of the populace as a given. They indulge themselves in anything to win an election. They do even obliterate culture and religion without which a civilisation can’t exist. Whether the self appointed guardian politicians of India like it or not it is due to them that the present equation in politics is in place. Indian culture has by far earned a lot of dignity and respect worldwide. Our culture is a diversified one. We Indians should pat ourselves in the back for carrying this task of cultural unity so far in our country.

India is a place where we find every religion, culture and dialect has equal respect and prestige. The composite culture of India has a captive nature. It has a magnetic property which attracts many people. The inquisitiveness increases the more the person tries to get into the knowledge of India’s culture and traditions. The country has immensed diversity in lifestyle, traditions, customs, outlook, religion, region, caste and much more. People across the world are in a great surprise to understand the unity in our thinking and affection for the motherland with such a vivid and varied lifestyle among the citizens. This is what, is the beauty of the composite culture of India. Of late, the opposition parties are raising the bogey of the obliteration of composite culture. Just a few months back these very same elements were ruing the death of secularism in India. Perhaps, they now think that the sale by period of secularism has ended and are now taking shelter under a new byword, the ‘composite culture’. When we say composite culture, it is that various sub-culture, people and of course followers of different religions co-exist.

Religion and culture, particularly in India is intermixed. Our dress, culture and clothing are dictated by region, community and religion. Even our eating habits are dictated by our religion. In such a scenario, it is for certain that a single entity or a group of political entity cannot take it upon themselves to wipe away the composite culture of India. The harping on the danger of India’s composite culture being lost with the present political dispensation in the nation is absurd to say the least. Before, the so called secular political parties are anchoring on secularism for winning elections and now they are clawing on composite culture. India is a vast country; there are other issues to be taken up, such as, the unequal distribution of economic wealth, health care accessibility and infrastructure. The opposition should stop trying to take the people for a ride and concentrate on policy faults and loopholes of the present government. Instead of letting out useless steam they should present solid policy on economy, health and infrastructure. They should show the ruling party where they are lacking. Opposing just for the sake of being in the opposition is wasting public money and time. For the sake of the nation the opposition should stop raising the imagined composite culture sucking Frankenstein and contribute to nation building instead.

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