Political parties should have vision for India

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Avoid popularity; it has many snares, and no real benefit.

William Penn

The dance of democracy has begun in India and everyone, including children who do not have a vote is in frenzy. Electoral promises are mostly unfulfilled and they are meant to be so which is known but still there is a significant section of the people who are swayed by it. The one thing vital in democracy is information and communication. These two along with transparency are the lifeblood of democracy. India being a developing economy has problems that are seen in all developing economies. We have the technology, but do not have the fund to put it to practice, we have the knowhow but infrastructure projects are difficult to implement due to corruption and the terrain. And, there is also trust issues among sections of the population, among regions of the population and among the races that populated the Indian sub-continent. Some of the regions are more developed than the others in India and the need of the hour is how to bring about an equitable development. As we have seen from independence till now we have failed to do just that.

When it comes to discussing our state and on our ambition to become a developed country it is inevitable that we look at examples in the developed western world. Learning from the west is very much necessary but not to be implemented here in ditto but for taking in the essence. For example Switzerland is known for banking, precision engineering and the hotel industry. The Swiss simply do not have the topography to do anything else and hence they exploited their strength to do things which they can. In Europe different regions are known for different things. There are regions known for their vine yards, for their agriculture, for their factories and their universities. We Indians are trying to be everything at the same time. So we ended up with butcher shops near primary schools and hospitals near factories. And feeding all these are the political parties. Pressure on winning elections makes them do anything and promise anything. In this general election the political parties are promising that involve significant portion of the GDP. They are still stuck in the game of handouts at the same time staying silent on existing subsidies. Such tactics are difficult to understand as even university educated people will not understand how the GDP is arrived at.

For the sake of argument one can say that the India of today has the reach of technology that brought information in the hands of all voters. But the important thing is we are still to be literate. We still have difficulty understanding each other. One region will not understand the other. And making this all the more difficult is the political parties art of telling only one side of the story. Significant section of the people will get swayed and a political party will come to power. When electoral promise is implemented involving freebies then the status quo is disturbed driving the economy into a spin. So information unless presented in a format the people of all over India understands it is of little use to themselves. So, political parties should come with an electoral politics that is suitable for Indians and not just for winning elections.


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