Role of media in society

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“You cannot shake hands with a clenched fist.”

– Indira Gandhi

Developing countries exhibit common problems and India is no exception. And in case of India along with the problems of a developing country it is made more complicated by its multi-ethnicity, races, presence of all the major religions of the world and some more and languages. In the pace of going forward we are fighting for share of resources which have fuelled the breaking out of dormant tendencies in the population. It is very unfortunate that the task of homogenising the population is left to the population itself. We as a nation still have to grow up and if we are to have stable developed society we cannot afford social upheavals. Also, the majority of the population in the nation is not reasonable people. We don’t verify facts and are ever ready to believe what is presented before us by a biased media. It is a fact that the narrative of any news regarding the society is dominated by presentation of half truths warped in the prejudices of the media person on the ground.

Views and mass media are dedicated for the majority and it is not for the marginalised, even among the majority, leave alone, the society in the fringes. With policy of the government a section of the marginalised population of the nation are being able to rise a little and are making inroads into governance and policy making. Due to this, sometimes, the section, which was the supposed to be superiors, often has to face a role reversal. The dormant tendencies in us manifested itself into communal violence, riots and just plain racism. In whatever region we may be domiciled in India, one cannot freely move from one corner of the country without being reminded from where we come from. The reminder can be made even by a host saying that one looks different. And fuelling all these is a section of the media misled by their personnel on the ground to cater to the ego of the dominant section of the population to assure them that their views are right. There is selfish spinoff in all these in the form of access to power corridors, undue favours and a living standard beyond the concerned media person’s due.

The state and national media do not go for verification of facts on the ground beyond quoting a few government officials which amounts to misreporting. But who will point them out? No one will, because the one who wants to point out cannot reach the narrative due to lack of means. To suit the taste of the dominant, which necessarily may not be the majority, so called news are presented by hiding the truth behind a particular incident. Even a national daily reported a story regarding a particular case of extortion and link it with an extremist organisation and the condition of the national economy which later turned out to be a common thug trying to get some money from his uncle. For the greater good of the nation the media must have representation from the marginalised and backward section of the society.

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