The Covid curse in India

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As the second wave of coronavirus grows deadlier in India, people reel under multiple problems struggling for life every passing minute. In India, it’s either Covid-19 or hunger, but death is assured for the underprivileged. The Narendra Modi-led union government must act fast or else the whole economic system might come crashing down and fast. The daily reported positive cases of India are breaking every record. Though there is a positive side to look into with over 3 lakh recoveries daily, but the number of deaths dampen any signs of optimism. With the crematoriums overwhelmed all over the nation, it seems that the cries of dead’s relatives are resonating in the Indian skies. It is now an open fact that there is a major anomaly in the government’s data and that the death toll may be much higher. A part of the nation is running helter-skelter for oxygen, medicines and even hospital beds, another is struggling for vaccines. While the remaining part is trying best to hold on to their jobs.

Notably, India’s economic condition was already rolling downwards even before the pandemic. The Modi-led NDA may have been elected twice to the office with a thumping mandate, yet they miserably failed in their economic reforms and management. The pandemic and lockdowns added fuel to fire in the already depreciating Indian economy. Lakhs of jobs have been lost and thousands of daily earners are reeling under hunger. As if this was not enough, the second wave arrived with its greater dangers. Now India, who probably celebrated a bit earlier during the first wave, has been beaten white, black and blue by the virus. Many states are under total lockdown across the nation and the remaining are under partial. With the virus not letting down, it does not seem that business and trade might resume as usual any time soon. This is the time when almost a majority of the population looks up to the prime minister and his team to come with a strategy to deal with the crisis.

Interestingly, the prime minister has not been seen addressing the nation with one of his ideas during the second wave yet. Seems like the recent loss in Kerala and West Bengal has left a dent upon the shiny leader. However, it is a time for unifying to tackle the virus, not to blame or discuss over the past. The election rallies have been held, results announced and governments formed, it is time that the nation now actually focuses on the crisis in hand. Improving the pace of vaccination and containing the spread of the virus simultaneously must be the prime agenda now. At the same time, the union government must come with concrete economic packages so that the virus does not leave any residue of its damages. It’s a crucial period for the nation, maybe one after a long time. The government must formulate concrete action plans and upheld utmost transparency during such times.

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