The ‘Judas’ and the ‘friend’ gunning for Trump

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President Donald Trump’s voters and supporters have a name for Vice President Mike Pence, ‘Pontius Pence.’ Yet others of Trump’s legion say ‘Judas Pence’ suits ‘Silent Pence’ better. Be that as it may, but if there’s a person in the United States who’s more ‘unpopular and reviled’ than Donald Trump, it’s his ‘rogue’ VP Michael Pence. Did Mike Pence backstab Donald Trump? The evidence is overwhelming. Mike Pence till the other day was Donald Trump’s mirror image except for the white head of hair. In pictures that are there in the millions, he’s always seen standing silent behind Donald Trump in the Oval Office, at the Rose Garden or at war memorials, wherever Trump happened to be on a particularly important ‘military’ date. Mike Pence cannot play it safe now, after standing behind Trump, in every sense of the phrase, for four straight years. Pence was, and is, in fact, the epitome of American superiority complex, and America’s imperial mindset, a throwback to George W. Bush’s ‘imperialism’, “let’s go hunt for WMD in Iraq and Iran.”

In fact, if anybody in the Trump Administration was White supremacist and Christian righteousness combined, it was ‘Saint Mike Pence’. For four years, this man soaked in all the praise that Trump could dump on him, in the media and on the podium, like a sponge and then when it came time to stand firm behind the commander-in-chief, he cast aside Trump like a wet rag and joined the diatribe against Trump. “What made Mike Pence turn? Why after four years of being Trump’s shadow, did Mike Pence throw off the cloak of the syrupy sycophant?” the answer to that is rhetorical, “Could it be that Trump humiliated his VP in private, repeatedly?”

For all we know, Mike Pence might have his unique reasons to go rogue on Trump, but why has Prime Minister Narendra Modi turned his back on ‘friend Trump?’ The question is, how’s the shenanigans in the United States affecting Modi and his politics? The Prime Minister does not like Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau interceding on behalf of India’s farmers but is not beyond loath to poke his nose in Trump’s and the United States’ affairs. This, after repeatedly hugging Trump all over the world and in the White House, and in Ahmedabad and Delhi. Truly, turncoats come in various shapes and sizes sporting Indian and American monikers. But they all speak the same language and behave the same. Whether it’s Mike Pence or Narendra Modi, both are made of the same broadcloth, the cloth spun by Judas and sold short. By the way, the Indian carrying the tri-colour outside Capitol Hill on January 6, has been identified as Vincent Xavier alias Vinson Palathingal of M’Clean Fairfax County, Virginia. He’s a “fiscal and social conservative” and a member of the Republican Party and a supporter of Donald Trump, originally an “engineering graduate from Kerala” who moved to the United States when he was 25.

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