Underdevelopment and lack of political will

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Education is the most powerful weapon which you can use to change the world.

Nelson Mandela

The underdevelopment of a place is only the symptom of other maladies that is going on in a given area. There are many under-developed places in India. When comes to underdevelopment images of barely civilized people rumbling along with their lives of mere existence like primordial creatures pop up. The case may be true to some extent in the past, but that too depends on the perspective of the observer which in turn cannot be depended upon as his view may change with time. There may be different views on development and under development but for the common people the starkest measure of development is communication.

The communication can be of messages, hence information and of means to travel for delivering a message, to carry that message and reaching a place by the people. In the 21st century the means of communication has so advanced that we can deliver a message over a distance of 384,400km, the stretch between the earth and the moon, and beyond in a matter of seconds. Travel by road and air is necessary for the economy and knowledge. The method pioneered by Scottish engineer John Loudon McAdam in building roads and since then travelling and transportation by road has become so easy. Unpopulated places do not have the need to have means of communication either of information or goods and men. The inhibited areas that do not have means of communication is a bane on human civilization. The underdevelopment of a place is not necessarily due to lack of fund as much as the lack of political will. Remoteness in these days, of inhibited places is forced and under duress. The forced underdevelopment is due to lack of political will. The underdeveloped nations are so due to lack of fund but in developing nations it is lack of leadership. In India particular places remain remote due to lack of political will.

Creation of political will in India in case of creating infrastructure is often the offshoot of violence. This is seen in LWE (Left Wing Extremists) affected are areas. In LWE areas of Andhra Pradesh, Bihar, Chhattisgarh, Jharkhand, Madhya Pradesh and Maharashtra the violence of left terrorism only created political will for building of roads and setting up of communication towers. It is clearly seen that the politics of marginalization from economic uplift and education has made it necessary that means of communication be cut off from particular areas, most often, that are inhibited by indigenous people. Once the means of communication of transportation and information are available, economic uplift and literacy follows. Once per capita income and literacy follows, the people will begin to ask questions. And questions are always uncomfortable for politicians in a democracy. In Assam the indigenous populated hill areas are backward and underdeveloped due to lack of political will and marginalization. In order to have cohesion of both physical and mentality we need to have equitable development nationwide. The creation of means of communication of both information and men and goods will bring economic uplift and literacy to all.

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