Winning the people’s trust

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“Success is not final, failure is not fatal: it is the courage to continue that counts.”

– Winston Churchill


Seven decades after throwing away the colonial yoke we are still not comfortable with the idea of trusting the government with issues that require the truth. The first four decades after the independence, the nation went away in the belief that some leaders will bring down a miracle on us and make every problem of the country disappear and the people were also drunk on the euphoria of being independent. Also, in that moment in our past we were too emerged in dealing with the mess that we were in. After that we started questioning about why we are still in the condition that we were in and not in the way that we want our life to be. The issues of lack of pace in development, credibility in our leaders, general disillusionment and corruption crop up.

We cannot really recall in our nation where high profile political leaders and business tycoons were found guilty and jailed in corruption cases. What happens is this- their names will appear in a sensational disclosure by someone supposedly close to those involved, there will be an uproar created by the opposition and few intellectuals will voice their concern and after more than a decade of our nation’s precious existence few will remain alive even to recall it. Even if an investigation is ordered it takes so long period that most of those named will die their own natural death reducing the whole process into irrelevance. In this whole pretence, precious tax payer’s money is wasted which we could very much can’t afford when we don’t even have the barest of public infrastructure. The present dispensation in New Delhi stormed the city riding on the back of bringing back black money from foreign shores and raiding Swiss Bank accounts of our very own corrupt citizens still has to convince the nation that it has been done.

The issues of corruption and public impropriety by public leaders in India refuse to die down to this day. The opposition with protesting ideologies and narrow regional visions also take the word in the literal sense to oppose most of the things that New Delhi wanted to implement thus scuttling the whole idea of nation. The ruling party as well as the opposition are both responsible for the lack of confidence in the government, whether the Centre or the state. Common people take it for granted that political leaders are corrupt and elected leaders are even more so with the exception of a few. Now we have the Panama Papers which supposedly is a kind of a black diary with names of the high and mighty from developing countries and details on how they are hiding their ill gotten wealth. The finance ministry said they are on to it by ordering an investigation but will there be an outcome? Will it be the same as before? i.e., it will fade from public memory, which is notoriously short in India. With the growing public urge for development with aspirations of a better life, the distrust on the government also grows but accepted as a necessary evil, New Delhi must win the big battle of winning the people’s trust.

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