Adulteration and profiteering in lockdown

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By: PriyankaSaurabh

During the lockdown, unscrupulous elements can gain an unfair advantage by mixing in foods or taking advantage of the situation to indulge in adulteration and fraud, profiteering can seriously affect the health and wealth of an already stressed population, commonly available in the market the skepticism of adulteration in food remains. Any food item from pulses, grains, milk, spices, ghee to vegetables and fruits is not untouched by adulteration. Today, the worst effect of adulteration is taking place on the items of need used in our everyday life.

Everyone needs strong immunity at this time due to corona. For the nutrition of the body, we need food items every day. To keep the body healthy, it is necessary to include a sufficient amount of protein, fat, carbohydrates, vitamins and mineral salts, etc. and all these nutrients can be obtained only from a balanced diet. This is possible only when the food items found in the market, pulses, cereals, milk products, spices, oil, etc., are adulterated. Food adulteration significantly reduces product quality. Cheap dyes etc. in food items. Adulteration makes the product look attractive but adversely affects the nutrient, making it harmful to health.

Normally, an external substance is added to a food item, or any valuable nutrient is removed from it or food is improperly stored when its quality decreases. Therefore, that food item or food item will be called adulterated. The Food Adulteration Act (PFA Act 1954) was enacted in 1954 by the Government of India to prevent food adulteration and to provide pure food to consumers. Ensuring the supply of pure food items to consumers is the responsibility of the Ministry of Health and Family Welfare.

At this time it is quite difficult to distinguish between basic foods and adulterated foods. The use of adulterated diet adversely affects the body and increases the risk of physical disorder. Food adulteration, where corona attack will decrease and increase immunity, the same other diseases like eye diseases, heart-related diseases, liver failure, leprosy, dietary diseases, paralysis, and cancer are also more effective.

At this time people are mostly confined to homes and stoves. They cannot give much time, nor can they find out what is in the market during this time, who is buying in a hurry as soon as they can be found, the time is the same and neither do they have the options to buy at such times. It is quite inspiring that during such times the Department of Food and Drug Administration’s Safety Wing has taken the necessary initiative of inspection. To ensure good business, various food establishments are working today by observing the quality practices and maintenance of the food being produced. At such a time the government needs to ensure that no one can reap undue benefits at this time.

People also doubt the quality of food items due to the lockout. Inaccurate and misleading information about food items being sold in the market has flooded social media platforms. This is more shocking and scary; the administration will have to rein in it. Incidents are also true in many places where the food items which were all standard and trade were sold in the market without hesitation or fear of any law.

Although desirable action was taken there and poor quality food was either confiscated or destroyed, the point to consider is that there may be. There are many other people who indulge in such malfeasance and are posing a great threat to the health and safety of the people. The need of the hour is that the above departments should intensify their campaign against adulteration in food items and any person involved in it should bring strict action against them immediately.

We need to be aware as well as the administration to avoid adulteration and identify adulteration. Food adulteration is a crime. The Food Adulteration Act, 1954 provides for imprisonment of at least 6 months, which can extend up to three years if any trader or seller is found guilty. Apart from this, there is also a provision for criteria. Food is harmful to human health and the role of consumers in its prevention is very important. Every consumer (especially housewives) should be aware to avoid adulteration. For this, some important points should be taken care of such as do not buy open food items. Purchase most standard markings (Agmark, FPO, ISI, and Hallmark) marked material and keep proper knowledge of the properties, color, purity, etc. of the material to be purchased. Take the goods of shopkeepers and verified companies and as far as possible while using packaged goods, keep in mind the company name and address, food packing and expiry date, weight of goods, quality labels as the key to success is a healthy and healthy life. In the Corona era, we need to become more aware anyway.

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