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By: R. K. Sinha

Interim Congress president Sonia Gandhi is an enigma. So is her son, Rahul. Both are puzzling. When the entire nation is with Prime Minister Narendra Modi and supporting him and his moves against China these worthies are asking one question after another to him. They are behaving like spokespersons of that country. The two had signed an agreement with China. It is not yet known what the agreement was about. It may be a part of the deal.

It is difficult to explain otherwise why they are behaving like this. The country at the moment is facing a big challenge, Corona pandemic. It is not the time for them to go against him and detract his attention. But they are doing just that. The mother-son duo seems has one-track mind. They seem to have just one agenda, to slam Modi. He is linked with everything bad and being presented as an enemy of everything good. They see nothing good in him. The PM is handing all the challenges well. Surveys have established it. But they have turned blind eyes to them.

They will not change. This is what the common belief is. The best thing in the circumstances is to ignore them. When the Prime Minister told the country that China has not captured an inch of our land, they should have accepted it. They should have had faith in him when he said,” the sacrifice of the soldiers will not go in vain”.

Can anyone have more authentic information than him? He is being regularly briefed by our intelligence and army heads. He is receiving information from other offices. What the opposition is getting is second- hand information or information from non-official agencies. Their statements based on these sources can mislead the people. They may be used by China and others to create a bad image. So what? To them all this does not seem to matter. Look at it. Rahul Gandhi is demanding a Parliament session to discuss the China issue at this Corona time when social distancing is the norm.

Down the memory lane

Open the history pages and shameful defeat of 1962 will come to light. Then PM Jawaharlal Nehru’s short-sighted China policy had led to a big loss by a friendly neighbour, Tibet. Even after 58 years of that war, China is in possession of Aksaichin. The total area of Aksaichin is 37, 244 square kilometres. This is strategically important .Besides minerals and other resources; it is close to Hindu religious centres. It was Nehru who proposed the name of China for Security Council membership. At that time, Nehru was obsessed with non-alignment and wanted to become a world leader. The Kashmir problem took its roots during his time. The home minister Sardar Patel would have resolved it but he had insisted on handling the issue himself. Patel called China a “future enemy”. However, Nehru did not listen. His prediction came true 12 years later.

Why Nehru got angry?

Indian Parliament in November 1963 discussed the Indo-China war. Speaking on the occasion, Nehru said,” I am shocked and surprised that China, which claims to be fighting the expansionist powers, has itself followed the footsteps of the expansionist forces.” Swami Rameswaranand, MP from Karnal, intervened to say in a sarcastic manner,” it is good that you have seen the real face of China now”.  Nehru did not like it and angrily said,” If honourable member wishes, he can be sent to the border”. Then another member HV Kamath told him,” Keep speaking. We will not interrupt”. But he did not say what kind of preparation India had made to face China. Rameshwaranand interrupted again.” I am eager to know what you were doing when China was making preparations for the war”. Nehru lost his cool. “I think Swami ji has no understanding of the situation. I am sorry to say that many members do not understand the defence matters”. He did not like unpleasant questions like Sonia and Rahul. No one has forgotten his famous or infamous quote on capturing of Aksaichin by China,” “What can we do in Aksachin? Not even a blade of grass grows there?

Eye to eye

Luckily for us, the same situation does not exist now. Our forces on the border are looking eye to eye. Modi has proved time and again that he will not surrender to enemies. China has also come to realise it. It has become virtually silent. The country is fully prepared to face China in sky, land and water. Yes, India has never closed the doors for negotiations. Indian stand has been made clear by all concerned including foreign minister S. Jaishankar. Due to all this, now China wants to end tension on the border. China has understood that if a war situation arises, all others excluding Pakistan, will stand with India.

India, it may be recalled, had lost 20 soldiers in Galwan, but had killed more than 40 Chinese soldiers and its commanding officer. No one will benefit from violence. But if we are forced to go to war the new India knows how to deal with it. We have had peace-lovers like Gandhi, Buddha and Mahavir. But we have had also warriors like Shivaji, Rana Pratap, Laxmi Bai, Arjun and Karn. The sooner China understands this, the better it is for that country. (The writer is a Senior Editor, Columnist and a former MP)

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