Chopstick: A breath of fresh air to lift your moods

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By – Upasana Bharadwaj

Chopstick – the Netflix Indian original film very aptly deserves the title as the protagonist struggles with chopsticks as in real life too, as she tries to mend her problems. Mithila Palkar, plays the central character of the film who hails from Aurangabad is a mandarin translator earning her living in Mumbai. She is an under confident girl who loves self help audio tapes to boost her confidence and is superstitious at the same time to believe that number 11 is an omen. Nirma Sahastrabuddhe is the name of the protagonist. A lot of jokes are made on her name linking her name to a detergent power. She says she was named Nirma because her father was working in the Nirma detergent powder at the time of her birth. The story evolves when Nirma’s car gets stolen right under her nose at Mahalakshmi temple when a pay and park attendant fools her with a toilet receipt to park her car in the busy road.

Then enters the artist who breaks locks and aspires to a chef. He says he listens to the heart of lock to break it which sounds very stupid.  And his sardonic replies are sure to hurt anyone. He comes as an idiosyncratic character. He lives in a dilapidated under-construction building which is in sharp contrast to his lavishly constructed state of the art kitchen that looks straight out of the pages of architectural digest. He cooks mouth-watering dishes. The difference between the rest of the house and his kitchen stands out as stark and stupefying.

Lastly, there is a funny gangster Faiyaaz Bhai (Vijay Raaz) who punishes people in most idiosyncratic ways for failing to fulfil his demands. At his mercy is a singer, who has to satisfy the gangster’s Kishore Kumar number. He is not even spared in washroom. What is more stupid is his love for his pet goat Bahubali. He loves the goat as his son and the prized fighter goat is fed with the best organic food. Ironically the stolen car of Nirma is one favourite of Faiyaaz Bhai’s goat that it refuses to be away from the car for even a second. The goat becomes the trap to revive her lost car which also results in the change of the heart of the flappy don.

The audience can relate to this middle class girl Nirma who aspires to get a respectable position in her office handling better projects like her peers like owning a car to maintain with the standard of her colleagues and bettering her English to handle foreign clients. A girl who believes in fate and numerology, she is a normal middle class girl moving out of her city and trying to make a fortune in tourism. Coming in contact with a conman, a goon and braving all odds to get her car back has transformed her into a confident girl.

Mithila Palkar plays Nirma with a convincing assertiveness. Her shaking of hands is spot on to express her nervousness. Her foolish acts and naïve face will bring a smile into the face of the audience. Abhay Deol in his crisp white shirt lends the best support to Mithila’s character. His one-liners are scornful and funny too at the same time.

Vijay Raaz is simply superb as Faiyaaz Bhai. He has perfected the art of playing the eccentric don with a laconic way of words. He is sure to win the hearts of the millions.

Chopstick is a light hearted fun movie that could relieve one from the rigorous stressful life.

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