Does Nizamuddin connection reflect biological warfare in Assam?

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By: Talmizur  Rahman

Just about the time a Covid-19 free Assam embarked upon one week of the 21-day nation-wide lockdown, the quiescent atmosphere of the state was jolted, as if struck by a massive Tsunami, with the breaking news of the first Covid-19 positive case in the state detected from a resident of the Barak valley who had returned after attending the by-now highly condemnable, questionable, ignominious and globally infamous Tablighi Jamaat at Nizamuddin Markaz in the Nizamuddin area in New Delhi.

Significantly, as a product of relentless effort of the Assam government and whole hearted co-operation extended by the people of Assam in the fight against Covid-19, the state remained free of coronavirus until the killer virus made its entry into Assam from the killer virus multiplying and spreading Tablighi Jamaat congression at the Nizamuddin Markaz in New Delhi. The most condemnable part of the Jamaat was that it was organised in total violation of the advisory issued umpteen numbers by the Central government and other organisation since long in the fight against Covid-19. In this respect the grotesque reality is that several thousand attended the congregation amidst most unhygienic and Corona-19 boosting atmosphere.

Since the first Covid-19 positive case with Nizamuddin connection in Assam, there has been no respite in the Covid-19 landscape in the state with streams of people returning from Nizamuddin and many of them turning out to be Covid-19 positive.

While a high alert/advisory was on across India to avoid all kinds of congregation, including religious gatherings, in places of worship, shrines and other religious destinations and also in public places in order to maintain social distancing as a measure to confront Covid-19 squarely and effectively, the Nizamuddin Markaz authorities, displaying contemptuous disregard towards the nation and mankind as a whole, broke all rules in India’s battle against the killer virus. The hereditary authority of Nizamuddin Markaz management headed by its supremo Maulana Saad and his family must answer as to why it went ahead with its murderous decision of holding the Tablighi Jamaat which proved to be booster in the process of multiplication, carriage and distribution of Covid-19 across India. The Markaz also must answer as to why criminal proceedings with stringent conditions ahould not be drawn against it.

Deeds speak. Deed-wise, defying all anti-Covid-19 norms, the Markaz authority put in all its power and resources to convert the Markaz structure into a jam-packed building with thousands inside in an apparently well calculated design of reducing to dust the government’s battle against Covid-19 by organising the Tablighi Jamaat. What is still more criminal is the fact that the Markaz chief tutored the congregation that emergence of coronavirus was as per the will of Allah and that only Allah could stop it. He also ridiculed science and all the preventive measures enforced to check the spread of the killer virus. He also made the explosively communal and anti-national comment that the government was only trying to divide the Muslims with its advisory and directives to the Tablighi Jamaat. His speech was not only anti-Covid-19, but frighteningly anti-India. Seemingly there was no difference between public address delivered by Pakistani terror masterminds like Hafiz Saeed and Masood Azhar or those made by enemies of mankind like Osama bin-Laden or Al-Baghdadi of the ISIS.

Most unfortunately, the Markaz indulged in such anti-Covid-19, anti-national, anti-humanity and clearly criminal activities around the time the entire nation, beginning with the Centre and all state governments, the health staff from doctors down to the ASHA workers, the police personnel, the civil society, NGOs, including some religious organisations like the Gurudwaras have been rendering yeoman service round the clock to keep the killer disease at bay while reducing the sufferings of the economically down trodden and feeding the needy and those reeling under poverty.

Whereas the entire energy of the nation converged in the direction of putting an end to the Covid-19 scourge, Nazamuddin Markaz authority indulged in such horrendous activities that can be branded as production of Covid-19 human bombs for due ‘outburst’ in various nooks and corners of India.

As already stated, a coronavirus free Assam turned into a Covid-19 destination immediately after the entry of the live Nizamuddin Covid-19 human bombs into the state. Still more criminal of those who entered the state from Nizamuddin was the fact that most stealthily they made their way to various corners of Assam and went into hiding like criminals on the run. May one ask as to what caused them to hide. Again, some people belonging to other states made their way to Assam straight from Nizamuddin and also took to hiding. Such actions only heighten the suspicion that there might have been something highly evil which these people were trying to hide. All appeals to the Jamaat people to come out failed almost totally. The state government had to embark upon the uphill task of tracing them and picking them up round-the-clock. The tracing process is still on and many are still holed up in their hideouts.

Meanwhile, all the Covid-19 positive cases in Assam except one have turned out to have Nizamuddin connection. The question arises if many of those found to be Covid-19 positive knew or had some inkling that they were so and hence went into hiding? Could there have been a terror masterplan to use Covid-19 as a biological weapon to kill as many people in India as possible? Does the Nizamuddin Markaz have any link with any terrorist outfit in Pakistan, Indonesia or the Arab world? Was manufacture of live Covid -19 human bombs the actual purpose of the Nizamuddin Markaz? While suicide squads are common in Jihadi outfits, did many of these human bombs voluntarily agreed to be so after being grotesquely tutored on Allah and ‘jannat’ as reward or were many others made into live Covid-19 human bombs without their consent? Their action of going into hiding raises several more questions. While the Markaz let loose terror and panic in Assam and elsewhere in the country, the most vital question is: Does Nizamuddin Markas have links with Jihadi outfits?

Beyond a shadow of doubt, the Covid-19 crisis in Assam and the rest of the country appears to be getting more and more complicated with every passing day. It is high time that the Centre initiated the first step of ordering a probe by the CBI or NIA or a SIT into the Nizamuddin Covid-19 human bomb issue while putting Markaz supremo Maulana Saad and his family and all other members behind bar before they cause any further damage or manage to slip out of the country.

Law must take its own course and stringent sections of the penal law may be slapped against the Maulana Saad and others. In the fitness of things, it may be just and right for the government to charge them with commission of genocide or attempted genocide, physical and mental terrorism, biological war against the nation etc. The Centre may also explore possibility of setting up a national tribunal in the nature of Nuremberg Tribunal and slap the charge of crime against humanity by the Markaz leaders.

With the ugly Nizamuddin Covid-19 human bomb terror ravaging Assam, in the fitness of things the Assam government should also drag the Nizamuddin Markaz authority to the court charged with stringent of sections under the law.

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