Gita Mission Envisages World’s First Gita Museum in Guwahati

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I take recourse to Geeta whenever frustration engulfs me. – Mahatma Gandhi

Sri Madbhagavat Geeta, or Gita in popular parlance, is the most well known and universally admired contribution of Sanatan Vedic heritage to the world at large. This everlasting work of Vedic philosophy has even inspired a number of modern age stalwarts in the fields of science, literature, politics or social service, and these Gita-inspired luminaries include Albert Einstein, Mahatma Gandhi, Carl Gustaav Jung, Swami Vivekananda, Emerson and Henry David Thoreau. Geeta enables us to unravel the mystery of life applying the tools of Bhakti, Karma and Jnana Yoga. The Gita encrypts the words uttered by Lord Krishna which remain relevant for thousands of years as a source of inspiration and guidance for mankind. Inspired by the teachings of Gita, a social-spiritual institution named Gita Mission was founded a few years back that devotes itself to upholding and propagating Sanatan Vedic heritage. The long term programmes of the Mission include establishment of Gita Museum, the first of its kind in the world; Vedic Library, the largest in the world; Gita Gyan to be taught free of cost, on and offline; setting up of Gita Mandir and Gurukul.

GITA MUSEUM: Not many of us are quite aware that Hollywood filmmakers too look upto this holy book called Gita and base their work upon its teachings. Philosophers and politicians from all over the world, of all ages, have acknowledged Gita as their guiding spirit. The proposed Gita Museum intends to preserve and showcase such instances under a single roof. In fact a museum has been installed at a lower scale for the time at Gita Mission’s office premises located at Basistha in Guwahati. Some of the items on display are copies of Gita published in various countries and languages, the first English version of Gita published in 1785, copy of the Gita gifted to US president Barak Obama by Prime Minister Modi, the oldest interpretation of Geeta by Adi Sankaracharya, versions of Gita compiled by Bal Gangadhar Tilak, a Geeta inspired popular novel ‘The Legend of Beggar Vance’ published in 1997, and Gita composed specially for children.  One can also find here the quotes on Gita by legends like Einstein, Thoreau, APJ Abdul Kalam, Sunita Williams and others. Visitors to the museum are presented with a copy of the holy book, free of cost naturally and the museum has been designed with both the enlightened veteran and young learner in mind.

“We are not aware of a Gita museum anywhere in the word and that inspires to go for the first such institution on the planet. The museum is at its nascent stage now and we hope to follow up with a long term plan,” the Mission’s head revealed.

BIGGEST VEDIC LIBRARY: Bakhtiar Khilji not only invaded India in 1193 but destroyed Nalanda University, set the library on fire and the inferno took as long as three months time to douse. One can only imagine the volumes of books that burned. However, lamenting the past is not the solution, but need of the house is an effort to rebuild what has been ruined. So a plan to build a colossal library of Vedic books and documents is on hand, replicating Nalanda.  Naturally the library will be equipped with state-of-art technology that is quite essential these days for research work. We are working on the plan to set up the world’s largest library for students and scholars of Vedic knowledge.

GITA CURRICULUM: ‘Gita turns one into sanyasi’ has been a pervading belief in parts of the world, whereas this holy treatise shows mankind the path and ways to face the world, to fulfill the worldly needs and to attain the divine through performing the assigned earthly jobs. Our life is just another battleground of Kurukhetra. In order to set the record straight by wiping out misgivings about Gita, we are formulating a curriculum for study of Gita and this study would help us to recognize the message of the eternal holy book. The course will be entirely free and with an online facility, besides the regular one.  Gita Mission has already initiated courses on practical Sanskrit and Vedic rituals.




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