Government should recruit teachers by controlling private schools

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Dr. Satyavan Saurabh

The government schools have not failed but it is the failure of the governments, bureaucrats, and leaders who run it. It is these people who are responsible for the recent malaise of the government school system which has destroyed the state’s important assets in the name of privatization. Anyway, those states are soon ruined or become a bastion of corruption, whose education, health and policing system controlled by private hands and the snake of privatization sits on it. Today the network of private schools has spread to every corner of the country. Government schools are only playing an important role in the schooling of the children of the most deprived and marginalized communities of this country. Children of good homes are getting expensive education in private schools and in this way we are preparing two India for the future.

The education mafia is seeing school education as a big market, in which government schools are the biggest hindrance. To break this hurdle, they are coming out with new tricks in the coming days, in which the emphasis is on implementing public-private partnership system in government schools. There is also the support of leaders and bureaucracy in this work of education bargaining, which helps in demolishing the public education system and wants that this system will die and privatization takes this system into its control. This is the reason why the state governments do not give any emphasis on the issues of shortage of trained teachers, quality education, lack of necessary basic facilities, absence of children and drop out of education in between. You will be surprised that in the last ten years no recruitment of primary teachers has been done in Haryana and lakhs of students there have passed HTET exams ten times by proving their worthiness. This proves that the government does not want to emphasize the education system of the state.

About five years ago, Allahabad High Court took strict steps on the plight of government schools. The court said that unless the children of public representatives, officials in high positions, and judges will not study in government schools, the condition of these schools will not improve. Children of people receiving salaries, honorarium, or money from the government, semi-government servants, public body representatives, judiciary, and government treasury must compulsorily study in Basic Education Council schools and punitive action should be taken against those who do not. It was also maintained that if a convent sends its children to school, they should deposit an amount equal to the fees paid in that school to the state exchequer every month and there should be a system to stop their increment and promotion for some time. The court had asked the state government to implement this system from the next education session at that time. But the order to implement this system was lost on the papers by education fraudsters.

We have to talk about a common school for everyone. However, this is not so straightforward. When things ranging from water to education and health have been brought into the market, this is absurd. But, to improve the dilapidated condition of education, we have to move in this direction. This is the only way for social justice, harmony, and change. It is advocating for such a system for all children across the country, in which every class child can get the right to read and grow together without any discrimination. In the absence of uniform education for all, the powerful people of the society have rejected government schools and they want to send their children to high-profile schools. As a result, education mafia is flourishing. Education has been kept marketable.

Anyway, public schools can run well only when there is the participation of the community and parents in its operation. Today most government schools in rural areas are on the verge of closure due to lack of children. People are sending their children to yellow vehicles instead of a government school. Active participation of the community is essential for quality education, but the biggest problem in this direction is the resourceful parents leaning towards private schools. Government school teachers themselves are sending their children to private schools. In this way, how will he be able to inspire the rest of the people? Our government schools have failed to live up to the administration/administration, budget, and lack of trained teachers and infrastructure facilities, due to which the attention of the people has shifted from government schools to private schools and other hand education mafias have taken this as an opportunity. Also big bureaucrats and leaders themselves involved in these mafias. In such a situation, they do not want to make an effort to improve the direction and condition of government schools.

In such a situation, the judiciary is left only. At present, there is no dearth of youth qualifying teachers across the country. But he is unemployed due to a lack of job and is unable to contribute to the interest of the country. The central government and the judiciary should impose a complete ban on the privatization of education and cease the initiative of uniform education for all in the country. Taking a decision immediately, the teacher-student ratio in schools should be reduced. This decision will not only be a medium for the rescue of children and teachers from an epidemic like Corona but will also help children in quality education. All private schools under the government should recruit new teachers so that talented teachers across the country strengthen our education system.

The already running private schools will work as a developed system for the government. The government will have no problem in arranging any building and other goods. New teachers will have to be recruited only under them. This step will create an India in the future, where everyone will get equal education, the quality will improve, youth unemployment will decrease and education mafia will end. (The writer is a Poet, independent journalist and columnist, AIR and TV panelists)

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