On the occasion of 69th Assam Police Day

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By: Dimple Sarma

Few years back, I got the opportunity to visit a border outpost in one of the border parts of Assam-Nagaland. The whole area is surrounded by greeneries, tea gardens and beautiful hills. While nature is giving a beautiful touch on the other hand those places are very much far from the main road. Police personnel living in those areas lacking many basic needs like no drinking water, no network coverage even electricity only for the namesakes. Still all of them were serving the nation with brave heart, content in their own way and without any complain. Because their main purpose is to guard their homeland, to serve the citizen. The days when we can’t even think of living a moment without our cellphone, those people have to wait for days to get a single message or news from their family.

A busy road of Guwahati during summer, hundreds of vehicles are passing by the road within a blink of an eye. A small mistake of a traffic police can lead to serious traffic violations or may lead to accidents as well. The traffic personal standing in the midst of that road on a hot summer noon drenched in sweat; he didn’t have time to get a sip of water at those peak hours. Suddenly, the weather changes to thunderstorm. Still, that traffic personal didn’t move from his place, standing tall doing his duty. The man, who was drenched in sweat earlier now, was washed by the rain. Nothing is above duty, he proved.

It was at around noon, a person tweets in Assam Police twitter page for his stolen car. Two persons hired a car from Shillong and assaulted the car driver as they reach Baihata. Those persons hijacked the car. Apparently, the owner of the car made a tweet to the social media page following which the Assam police social media team contacted the Baihata police station. Following the activities of the car, they tracked the location with the help of GPS. A police team led by Baihata Police station officer in charge and guided by cyber cell they recovered that vehicle within 57 minutes. Those breathtaking moments of Hollywood style chasing of car was possible due to the effort and coordination between the two teams. After that recovery, from that source three more stolen vehicles were recovered.

Witch hunting in a civilized society is completely unbearable. Those people who are under the grasp of superstition still can not decide what is right and what is wrong. Few months back, in Holoonguri Tea Estate of Jorhat under Mariani police station two women were castigated as witches. Those who were involved in this incident were immediately arrested and necessary legal actions were taken.  When the actual incident came to light it becomes clear that they went to pick firewood from the nearby jungle of that Tea estate. It was getting dark and their family member got worried for being late as they didn’t reach home on time. They immediately launched a search operation. But when they saw the light of the search party they mistook it to be the tea garden’s chowkidar and hence the two ladies hid themselves behind the bush. By the time they reached home, it was midnight and the villagers accused them of practicing witchcraft. The Superintendent of Police, Jorhat rehabilitated the two women and conducted an awareness meeting. What comes as a surprising element is that after conclusion of that meeting, Superintendent of Police Jorhat along with other police officials had tea in that victims house who was labelled as witch. Referring to the incident Superintendent of Police Jorhat said that apart from policing they want to send a strong special message that the term ‘Daini’ itself is Be-Aaini (illegal). His strong move against superstition is a great message to everyone. The timely recovery of those two women reveals that they were the victims of someone’s personal grievance.

Above are some of the examples that police personnel are not only a law abider but also he has to maintain many things. The job of a police officer is definitely not easy. Those round the clock 24 hours duty, no fixed routine, family and friends are always in a second priority, fear of life, service to the nation and public too are some of commonly seen characteristics of police personnel. Still, their work is not free from criticism. A police officer’s main duty is to maintain law and order and to maintain peace in their area.

There are many police stations which are located at very remote places where road condition is deteriorated, no nearby market places or lack of many basic facilities still they are committed to the service of the nation and for the people. Many times police officer faces law and order situation. Lack of communication and cooperation between police and public is one of the reasons. There is a taboo that people fears to face police personnel, still people hesitate to enter in a police station. As a result, many cases go unnoticed and unregistered. Another one factor is that people fears humiliation. They don’t want to be a part of the long police interrogation and court proceedings. This misconception and fear should be minimised for smooth functioning. Timely police-public meeting in the locality and counseling is very much necessary to bridge the gap.

When we look back at the history of Assam Police, it is known that a British Regiment force was formed in 1826 after the Treat of Yandaboo to maintain law and order. On 1835, the said British Regiment force named as Assam Police. In 1950 after independence on 1st October, Assam police formed as a full-fledged law enforcement organisation. Over the time, Assam Police has gone through many success stories.  Now-a-days, the social media page of Assam Police is on spark. The witty tweets and memes are going very popular among youths. Timely response and up to date information is also a matter of attraction for everyone. Many social problems they have highlighted through interesting ways to attract everyone. Whatever it is, the job of police personnel is full of appreciation as well as criticism too. But their sacrifices are uncountable. On the eve of Assam Police day, we must acknowledge their hard work, we must appreciate what they have done to for the nation, and we must pray for the souls who have lost their lives while performing their duty.

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