Restrictions on religious shops, mrityubhoj and expensive weddings

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By: Dr. Satyavan Saurabh

The Corona epidemic has caused upheavals all over the world. Everything has been put on hold. The world is shocked at this havoc of nature. But if we look on the other side, we have also been warned to do something creative and change our thinking and actions with new opportunities from this disaster. For years, we were part of a blind race and we never learned to live. Only then did this sudden disaster keep the whole world locked.

Now, what is it worth considering? What else needs to happen? How can we do welfare work by changing our ways and making harmony with society? This is the biggest question. In the Corona era, I think we have seen three things very closely which has been hollowing out our society like a termite for centuries. This is three – religious mania, inexplicable wedding expenses, and (mrityubhoj) death row. The corona of these three blew up and revealed the reality of these in front of society. The contractors promoting them remained closed in their homes during this period.

I am not opposed to any particular religion. Religion should be in practice anyway. Not to show the wrong way by running the institution of looting people and closing their eyes. I wish we could not spend millions of on temples and mosques instead of on the health and education of the country. If it were, then under the guise of a particular religion, these goddesses would not have been born as contractors. Anyway, God is one, omnipresent, so what need is there for him? Those who plunder their wealth in the name of the Gods and Godly deities, on the pretext of eradicating pain and suffering from innocent people. Perhaps everyone’s eyes will have been opened. At the time of Corona, there was only one God who was a true human being disguised as a doctor and other workers. It is said that there are thirty-six crore Gods and Goddesses in India (according to the proverb) in such a situation; could not one Goddess save three-four people of India from Corona?

My question is not on the existence and personality of these deities. They may have been good persons of society in his time and he has worked in the interest of humanity. But we are holding the opposite path. By not telling the good things of these great people, we started getting temples and mosques built in their name. They built big monasteries and disturbed the peace in the society by installing loudspeakers. They started robbing people by showing dreams of dualism. But now everyone’s faith went out. During the Corona period, the monastery, priest, and Ajani were seen hiding in their homes to save their lives. God and Allah were imprisoned in the locks. I am not questioning the existence of the invisible who runs this world. I am asking those who started hating by opening shops in his name. And inexplicably earned the country’s noble earnings to find divinity in these stones. Yes, some organizations of the country actually do scientific and social work in the name of religion and they saved humanity by playing on their own even in the Corona period, their work style is amazing.

Now let’s talk about the burden on society, the tradition of imposing (mrityubhoj) death. It is very sad when a man goes from some house and arranging to feed seven hundred and eight hundred people in the hour of that sorrow, ‘Everything is sold to a poor person, in doing so. Isn’t there now a normal death during Corona? Did not people come to the task? Even now the departed soul must have found peace.

Then this inexplicably died banquet tradition, why have we carried on for centuries? We have to think and we have to change. Yes, it is right that the house from which the man goes; their mental state is not good. Therefore, when people are around them for ten-eleven days, they forget the grief that happened. And gradually become normal. If you want this tradition people can keep it at their own will. But why punitive death row on them? And why people with money consider it a religion and promote it in society. If they have to do religion, then any work related to health-education can be done with that money.

Now comes the issue of expensive marriages in society. Who did not destroy the Indian society as much as anywhere in the world? People here put everything of their lives at stake in appearances and mutual competition. And to achieve all this, we sacrifice relationships and our conscience. What about now? Weddings also took place through 10-15 people. Spending reduced marriages of poor girls and rich ones. Then why put society and relationships at stake with the competition of dowry and expenses. Save all of these. Corona taught us what no one could learn. We were thinking that this is necessary but it is not necessary now. Suppose now all.

Our government now needs to enact strict laws for these three. I do not say that religious institutions should be closed. But be all in one. When religion does not teach hatred then why different? All the gods and goddesses should be in one place instead of separate. The remaining money should be spent on health and education in that village or region. There should be a complete restriction on death row (mrityubhoj). If anyone does this, there should be a provision for punishment. If someone wants to earn religion by doing this, then put that money on other works in the interest of society. And for marriage, a limit of 10 to 20 people should be imposed. There is no question of delay in this. For those who argue the economy will be enough that apart from these three, the economy can become strong and has many paths. (The writer is a Research Scholar in Political Science, University of Delhi, a poet, independent journalist and columnist, All India Radio and TV panelist)

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