See how Pakistan Embassy has turned into a hangout of spying

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By R. K. Sinha

After Pakistan harassed two Indian senior personnel of the High Commission of India in Islamabad, the order of the Government of India to reduce the number of its staff from the Pakistan High Commission in Delhi by 50 percent would be considered absolutely correct. Now it is clear that the Imran Khan government is not even serious about resolving all the issues with India.

Governments before Imran Khan have also tried to weaken India indirectly. They do not even have the courage to fight directly with India. They think that by sending ISI agents to their high commission in India, who will keep making a strategy to harm India in some way or the other and provide all help to the pro-Pakistan traitors who are hiding inside our country.

The Government of India is fully aware of all these. It is another matter that for some reasons, till now has been avoiding taking strict decisions. Now the Modi-Shah government has taken a tough stand. Somewhere, this is why it gave orders to reduce the number of personnel of Pakistan High Commission in India. In fact, Pakistani army and ISI personnel often come to Delhi wearing the diplomat’s mask. They try to get important documents related to the Indian Army. Sometimes, they get success.

Along with this, one of their tasks is to provide ration and guidance to these militant organizations in India. It is not hidden from anyone that Kashmiri separatists were treated like sons-in-law in the Pakistani High Commission. But, all these are stopped after the Modi government came to the power.

Nishant Aggarwal, who was spying for Pakistan, was arrested for leaking information of BrahMos missile to Pakistan. He used to keep on leaking information to the Pakistani High Commission officials for money. It would not be wrong to say that there are hundreds of Jaichand who are betraying with their own country.

In the month of May itself, Delhi Police caught two officers of the Pakistan High Commission red-handed while spying. Their names were Abid Hussain and Tahir Hussain. India did not take action on them due to diplomatic immunity and asked them to leave the country within 24 hours

The Government is keeping a close watch on the activities of the Pakistani High Commission, while those who betray their country will also be caught and punished severely. They cheat with Bharat Mata for some money. They disrespect thousands of soldiers who sacrificed their lives for India. Any citizen of the country who gives important information to Pakistan should have the death penalty.

The case of Nishant Aggarwal, a spy for Pakistani intelligence agency, was very serious. He was selling the Brahmos missile’s secret to ISI. He was a scientist in the DRDO institute under the Ministry of Defense. Those who cheat the country should be asked that under what influence or greed they started cheating the country?

If we look back, in 2016, Mahmud Akhtar, who works in the Pakistan High Commission, was arrested for illegally obtaining sensitive documents. The Indian government also sent him back to Pakistan. That means the Pakistani High Commission is made the base of espionage of India. Different nations open their High Commissions/Embassies in each other’s country so that the relations between the two countries can be strengthened further.

Some countries go beyond this and also open their own cultural centers and libraries. In New Delhi cultural centers of the countries like America, Italy, Britain, Spain, and Russia are there. Seminars, discussions and other events related to arts and culture keep happening there. Similarly, countries like America, Iran, and Japan also have their schools in Delhi.

Children of those countries citizen’s, who are living here, study here. It is 70 years since American school got established here. But Pakistan High Commission keeps itself away from all these meaningful and constructive activities. Pakistan high commission only spying on India’s defense and government .It’s hard to remember if there was any formal program organized in the Pakistan High Commission since 1960 after it was built.

After 1958, the Government of India allotted plots to various countries in the Chanakyapuri area of the capital to construct their embassies and high commission. Pakistan was also allotted a place here and India hoped it would try to maintain a good relationship with India. But Pakistan disappointed India. Never worked on constructive things. There is a hatred against India in it’s umbilical cord.

It does not want India to become a world power. It is a different matter that even after Pakistan’s conspiracy, India’s military and economy has become strong and has emerged as a powerful country in the world. But despite the cheapness of Pakistan, India did not take the initiative to harm Pakistan in any way. This is in our nature. But, now our generosity is seen as our weakness. It has to be corrected.

Pakistan continued to mess with India even after losing 1948, 1965, 1971 and Kargil war. In 2008, it conducted a terrorist attack in Mumbai. Now what Pakistan did to our two diplomats, it’s motives are absolutely clear.

Maulana Azhar Mehmood and Hafiz Saeed are leading terrorism against India at their level under the supervision of the Government of Pakistan. Who does not know that Maulana Azhar and his organization Jaish-e-Mohammad get openly direct support from ISI, Pakistan? Jaish is been known as an enemy of India. Jaish is trying to rebuild the Khalistani terror group in Punjab.

Jaish is a very dangerous terrorist organization. India’s security agencies have to kill the people who raise it in India. The puppets in Pakistan openly oppose India. But the Pak government is silent! How will they speak? At the behest of Pak government, these puppets remain active. But India is capable of destroying them and now there is no need to delay. When the pot of sin is filled, it is the right time to burst it. This is called “RAJDHARMA”. (The writer is a senior editor, columnist and a former MP)

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