Shri Ram is omnipresent

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By R. K. Sinha

Prime Minister of Nepal K. P Sharma Oli raised an unnecessary controversy by claiming that Lord Shri Ram was of Nepali origins and the “real” Ayodhya lies in Birganj of Nepal and not in India. Oli must understand that Lord Ram is of entire humanity. He dwells inside, every particle of the universe. Indeed, he is omnipresent, at any point of time he exists simultaneously in Nepal, Thailand, Malaysia, Rumalia, Indonesia and Korea also. Nepal and its people have full right to have faith in him and be blessed. He is adorable by half of the world. Nepali P. M. Incoherent statement and his attitude, to confine the great Lord, to the geographical boundary of a country, is beyond justification.

Nothing can be said, if the head of a state Oli made such a bizarre statement. We gave Sita to prince Ram, but we gave the prince too from Ayodhya, but not India. He claimed that Ayodhya is Thori village which is situated 135 km from Kathmandu, capital of Nepal.

What Oli stated is not recently discovered by him. It is ancient belief in tribal Tharu society residing in Indo- Nepal border area that Lord Shri Ram was born in Bhikhna Thadi, located at Gandak plain area in vicinity of West Champaran, near Valmiki Ashram where upbringing of Lav-Kush (son of Lord Shri Ram and Devi Sita) also took place. Whatever Oli claims, it is also true that, many countries of the world relate themselves with Shri Ram. They whole-heartedly adore him. And, many countries have Ayodhya or Ajudhy cities, may be only due to respect to Lord Ram

The relation of Ayodhya with Korea is dated 2000 years ago. An Ayodhya also exist there, locally called “Ayuta”. Ramkatha (the story of Shri Ram) is widely prevalent in different forms, in different countries. All Indians feels a sense of attachment to them. A deep impression of Ramayan can also be observed in the culture of Islamic country Indonesia. The nomenclature of Sumatra island of Indonesia is done after Sumitra (wife of king Dashrath). Seryu is the name of a river flowing at the Java city, of Indonesia. Writings about Ramleela of Islamic country Indonesia is often seen. Biju Patnaik (father of Navin Patnaik, CM, Odisha) rescued and air lifted, the then President of Indonesia Sukarno, when, a conspiracy was planned against him in Indonesia. Patnaik named Sukarno daughter as Sukarnaputri (daughter of sukarno) Meghawati. She was popular with this name, in her country also and she also got elected as head of the government, continuing her father’s legacy.

Let me produce, an incident of my Indonesia journey that came to my mind. In 1980’s I was on a visit to Indonesia along with a delegation consisting of 50 Indians. Heavenly abode, Baleshwar Aggarwal was the leader and myself as the deputy leader of the delegation. On the way, while returning, after visiting the biggest and ancient 9th century Borobudur Buddhist temple, we witnessed an old maulvi (Islamic priest) begging on the stairs of the temple. Many of the devotees offered alms to him. I was having only one thousand Indonesian rupiah notes, which was equal to 100 rupee Indian note in value. I offered him one of that notes. Maulana gets surprised, inspected the currency and asked out of curiosity to me, whether I was Indian. I replied in agreement. He suddenly threw the note at me and accused me of being a theft. He murmured something in Bhasha Indonesia. I was bewildered, and asked my guide, that why the maulana called me a thief? Then the guide said, maulana is alleging that you all are thieves. You all have stolen our Shri Ram, Mata Sita, Hanuman, Arjuna, Karna and even Lord Krishna and many other Indonesian idols from Indonesia. It is feeling of general public all over Indonesia. This is believed mostly by less educated people. That is the situation of an Islamic country.

Oli must be knowing that, even today, the kings of Thailand are known by the name, Ram. Ram is compulsorily added with the king’s name. The Royal Family resides in city, named Ayodhya. This place is in the proximity to Bangkok. It is highly fascinating that despite practicing Buddhism, the people of Thailand, because of their king a descendant of Lord Shri Ram believes their king to be an incarnation of Lord Vishnu. By virtue of this, Thailand is having Ramrajya (the kingdom of Shri Ram).

Thailand is the perfect country for those who are interested in understanding Hindu culture and symbols. You can witness, Hindu Gods and Goddesses and their symbols at every nook and corner in this Southeast Asian country. 90 percent of Thailand residents practise Buddhism. Despite this, Garud (eagle) enjoys to be the national bird. Garud is believed to be the vehicle of Lord Vishnu in ancient Hindu religious texts. It is said that Garud (eagle) is half bird and half human. Its body resembles human body, but its face is of bird. It also has feathers. The importance of Garud (eagle) can be ascertained by the fact that the name of national airlines/flag carrier service of Indonesia is named, Garuda Indonesia.

Ram exists in every particle of Indian soil. It does not bother any Indian, if you claim Shri Ram to be your own. It is impossible to even assume India without Shri Ram. Entire country adores and venerates Shri Ram. The great socialist leader Dr. Ram Manohar Lohia always said that Ram, Krishna and Shiv are three greatest mythological names in this great country. Everyone, almost one in every two person must be aware about their work. Their thoughts and actions, or whatever and whenever, the words they uttered must be present in detail in the minds of atleast one in every ten person. Indian people, chant the sacred name, Shri Ram, multiple times, almost every day. This number will reach in million and billions. India will incessantly chant the name of Shri Ram. India has been chanting his name for many uncountable years and will continue to revere him upto when the life exists on earth. Even Indian Muslims respect Shri Ram. He is an icon and a symbolic figure of Indian culture. A Muslim friend and scholar was telling me that Islam came much later. Therefore, everyone in India, Pakistan, Nepal, Myanmar, Thailand, Indonesia and most of the Asian countries are decedent of Lord Rama and Krishna only.

Poet Iqbal wrote his famous poem in 1908 on the prestige of Shri Ram. He praised the Lord by saying him “Ram-e-Hind”. He also wrote in his poem that “Hai ram ke wajood par hindostan ko naaz, ahle nazar samajhte hain unko imaam-e-Hind”. Means India is proud that Shri Ram was born here and all the erudite believe him to be a spiritual teacher.

Gandhiji dreamt to establish Ramrajya in India. Is Oli  also wants to make Nepal a Ramrajya. Oli must be aware that Ramrajya is considered an ideal state based on the principles of justice and equality. Father of the nation, Gandhiji also envisioned to establish Ramrajya in India based on sacredness and truthfulness. Ram is the Lord of every Indian. It is not worrying any Rambhakta, if someone links Shri Ram to Nepal. Let us assume that despite following Marxism Oli is doing the work of Shri Ram. It appears that must have got motivation from Pashupatinath sitting in Kathamandu to revere Shri Ram in this sacred month of saawan.

India wants to establish Ramrajya, do Oli has the similar desire. Most welcome! Or he is just trying to divide India and Nepal in the name of Shri Ram. He won’t succeed. He probably does not know how much our Nepali brethren love and adore Lord Ram. He has to understand the personality of Shri Ram. He doesn’t show magic. Even the Ramsetu between India and Sri Lanka was made by joining many smaller stones. This was constructed with the aid of thousands of many others. He endeavours and inspires others to do the same. He is not a God of mere Hindu religion but he is cultural heritage of Indian soil and to divide this combined heritage, is impossible and a foolish idea. Iqbal wrote, “labrez hai sharab-e- haqeeqat se jaam-e-hindsab, phalsaphi hai khita-e-magrib ke Ram-e-Hind” means, the bowl of India is filled with truth and all the philosophers (including Islamic and Christianity) of the west are descendants of Shri Ram of India.

The name of Shri Ram unites millions of Indians to each other, who have settled abroad. Shri Ram along with faith is also a great messenger of cultural consciousness. Ram is also present at Myanmar. Mount Popa is famous for medicines. It is believed that Lord Hanuman lifted a part of this mountain and brought it to Sushain Vaidya to treat Lakhmanji when he was severely injured fighting with Indrajeet son of Ravana. Showing the middle vacant part of this mountain to the tourist, they claimed that this part was extirpated by Lord Hanuman. Mr. Oli, you continue to prove Shri Rama Nepali. But Shri Ram belongs to entire universe. You should ask your own citizen. Every Nepali venerates Shri Ram. Shri Ram is also called” Maryada purushottam”(the man who is supreme in honour) (The writer is a senior editor, columnist and Former MP)

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