Suicide is becoming a global problem

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By: Nripendra Abhishek Nrip

Suicide is defined as intentionally taking one’s own life and comes from the Latin suicide, which literally means “to kill oneself.” Now, Suicide is a serious public health problem. Suicide is the third leading cause of death among young adults worldwide. There is a growing recognition that prevention strategies need to be tailored to the region-specific demographics of a country and to be implemented in a culturally-sensitive manner. This review explores the historical, epidemiological, and demographic factors of suicide in India and examines the strategies aimed at the prevention of suicide.

Life is considered the most precious thing on earth. It is described in the Puranas and scriptures that the one who is born is sure to die. There is no way to attain immortality in this mortal world. The time of birth and death of every human being is fixed, but when going against this time, someone thinks of leaving the body, then he is motivated towards suicide. There can be many reasons for suicide. The whole world celebrates World Suicide Prevention Day on 10 September. This is a campaign in which people suffering from stress, anxiety, or depression are made aware.

According to the report ‘Suicide Worldwide in 2019’ released by WHO a few days ago, around 7 lakh people commit suicide every year around the world. In 2019, this figure was 7.03 lakh. This means that every 40 seconds one person commits suicide. One out of every 100 people in the world lost their lives due to suicide. According to the World Health Organization, suicide accounts for about 1.3 percent of all deaths in the world, making it the 17th leading cause of death. According to WHO, 173,347 people died due to suicide in India in 2019. Of which 42 percent were women. This means that 72,935 women gave their lives in suicide this year, while the death toll was 100,413. Reducing the global suicide death rate by one-third is a goal in the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) mandated by the United Nations. But the world is still far from this goal. Countries were called upon to reduce premature mortality due to non-communicable diseases by one-third and promote mental health and wellness through SDG prevention and treatment.

A person suffering from the problem of suicidal thoughts starts having thoughts of destroying his own life; along with this he also starts feeling depression and behavioural changes during this time. Suicidal thoughts are a common problem and most people feel it when they are going through stress or depression. The reasons for suicide are different in different cultures and sections of society. But we must keep in mind that suicide is the most preventable cause of death, that is, it is preventable. Suicide attempts are often just a call for help and are increasingly being viewed as a psychological emergency. We all have the responsibility to prevent suicide.

If we look at some of the reasons for suicide, we find that the feeling of being separated from that person on one’s death, any kind of problem in a personal relationship, any kind of abuse, if there is no goal in life. If there is no control over your life if there is any kind of financial loss. In most cases, one or the other of these is the reason for committing suicide. Efforts to make life worth living have been going on for ages and also to reject life.

New suicides blur old suicides in the news. In the meantime, neither the methods of committing suicide change much nor the way of reporting them. In this connection, one should also remember the words of Swami Vivekananda – “One important thing I learned in life is that the higher your goal, the more you will be unhappy. There are mainly two types of people found in this world. The first type of people is strong, firm in mind, calm, devoted to nature, not in the midst of imagination, but good, gentle, kind, sweet-natured. This world is for such people. These people are born to be happy. On the contrary, the second type of people is very sensitive, imaginative. Their feelings are very strong. Such people fly high in one moment, and in another moment, they are on the ground. There is no happiness in the fate of such people.” Understanding this, it can be said that only these other types of people commit suicide.

If the thought of suicide is coming into your mind, then set with a trusted person and speak all the things in your mind. Cry wholeheartedly, by doing this the thought of suicide is reduced from the heart. If you’re feeling hopeless or feel like you don’t deserve to live anymore. So, remember that healing can help you regain your outlook on life and make life better. Don’t get excited and do anything. The victim’s family members and friends can determine from the way he or she speaks and behaves that they are at risk for this problem. During this, they can help the victim by talking to the victim and providing appropriate support such as taking the victim to the doctor.

The World Health Organization has published new guidelines to help countries reduce the global suicide mortality rate by a third by 2030. The main thing in this is to try to keep the suicidal factors away from them. In which access to suicide means like highly dangerous pesticides and firearms will have to be limited. Apart from this, it is very important to promote social-emotional life skills in adolescents. Anyone affected by suicidal thoughts and behaviour needs to be identified, assessed, managed, and followed up early. There is a need to move forward along these basic pillars like situation analysis, multi-sectoral collaboration, capacity building to raise awareness, funding, monitoring, and evaluation.

A person contemplating suicide starts worrying for a long time. In a second, the thought of suicide comes in the heart of only one person out of a thousand. Therefore, pay attention to your close ones, whether they are so worried about something that they are thinking of ending their life. In front of such people, repeat their success stories again, explain to people how strong they are by giving their example. By doing this the idea of suicide ends. The person understands that he can be an inspiration to other people, so he starts living life in a positive way. Life definitely gives everyone a chance to improve themselves, but suicide takes away life itself. It is necessary to understand the importance of life and by understanding and avoid such ill thoughts because it does not solve the problem; on the contrary, it leaves your loved ones with wounds. “No matter how much the mind forces you to die, strengthen your heart as much as you can to live with courage.” (The author can be reached at [email protected])

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