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By Anurag Barman

The world seems to be in our fingertips nowadays. There is no doubt that the young generation of the 21st century India is moving ahead of its time, in this digital age. While there are folks who consider the rise of the digital world to be a boon for the youth, there are many others who vouch yesteryears as the golden era. While there are several questions being raised in front of young India about its potential, there are both positive and negative aspects that will determine the country’s future.

As we know that India is the fastest growing country, there are two inter-related factors which play major role in strengthening the backbone of the upcoming generation, i.e. Education and Employment. One could not deny the fact of the rapid growth rate of education but the unemployment issue still remains a matter of concern since the last few decades. When it comes to education, it can be observed that both people and government are very concerned about education for all. There are graduates in almost every household now, but we seldom come across a person who may have passed the class 10th in the earlier times. As the number of schools and universities is mushrooming at a fast pace, so is the competition among the students.

Today students are more conscious in an era where news comes before the newspaper. Every entity in the ongoing lifestyle is getting upgraded, but unfortunately our education system still relies on the same age-old method of teaching. There is a delusion in the minds of the students about the importance of education. The learning aura is focussed on exams and jobs rather than knowledge and passion. Every school going student aspires to become either a doctor or an engineer. The irony as of now is that India is producing the highest numbers of engineers in the entire world, but doesn’t fall in any list in terms of innovation and invention. As the education rate increases rapidly, a strategic reformation is the need of the hour in the prevailing system.

Well, the advent of digitalisation has set up new horizons among the young generation in terms of education as well as employment. The process of e-learning has been adopted as a new form of studying not only by college students but also young kids. The ability to reach anywhere at any time using a single device has literally transformed the outlook of the youth. There was a time when youths could not take a single step without the consent of their elders but now even children are at par with their parent’s update. The accessibility to the net has not only widened the options to learning but also opened doors to earning. Entrepreneurship is the contemporary face of new-age development. Several youths are venturing into the independent working zone rather than depending on government jobs. In the changing times of modern India, it is essential that the young minds explore the needs of the transforming world and render their calibre to design a new dimension for the betterment of mankind. Being an entrepreneur is not only about building a product or an organisation but also shaping an independent creation or innovation to drive the folks into a new sphere, which eventually enroots the society and connects the nation. And due to the rise of networking start-ups and companies, youths from even the remote areas and villages across the country have got the opportunity to work. In case of media also, people are getting an appropriate platform with the help of various online portals. While filmmakers can get their recognition through film festivals, music enthusiasts are getting fame through YouTube. Many artists have become overnight sensation and are shining over the YouTube.

Coming to the role of current political scenario in the nation, the social media has played a significant role in influencing the youths to take part in the mainstream politics. Due to the vibrancy of the smart phones, students are getting deep into the political ground and are coming up with genuine voices across facebook and twitter. In fact in election times also, a healthy campaigning is observed over social media. It is good to see college students raising critical questions concerning the burning issues of India through the social media. There are instances where pertinent issues of the masses where people are reached by the youths.

Technology has really taken the level of communication beyond our imagination. Be it whatsapp or facebook, we don’t feel the distance anymore. It seems as if the person is infront of us when we see him or her online. But there was a time when letters used to be the only means of connectivity between two people staying far away. The biggest loss of the digital age is the worth of relationship between people. Today’s generation will never understand the essence of writing a letter to their dear ones and then waiting for a reply. Since the world seems to be very small today, the saturation point of human relation is getting lowered day by day. As a result, youths of today easily fall prey to frustration, depression and boredom.

It is true that the future of India lies on the shoulders of the young generation. And the current young generation has seen a massive transition in the days of digital transformation. The incredible progress of internet, smart phone and social media are the game changers in influencing the lives of the youths. It will be quite interesting to see how young India would face the challenges of the transforming world in the near future.

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