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Balancing physical and mental health in trying times of pandemic has assumed more relevance.

By: Bishaldeep Kakati

The pattern of life we experience in our entire lifespan is just like that of a tide. The graph of happiness or sadness often fluctuates and nothing remains constant forever. But the reality is that the dimension of positivity is often powerful, something which everyone desires to hold on to. And fortunately the impact of positive energy just eliminates away the lingering negative emotions. Positive emotions like happiness, excitement, and feeling of being loved etc. with time definitely become the antidote for negative vibrations like anger, anxiety, frustrations etc. That is why accepting a situation, letting the negative vibration go and then returning at the right time just like a phoenix can be the most radical approach to difficult situations. In this swift paced world, people often fail to create a balance between physical and mental health.

At times, by going to fitness centres people may take care of their physical health, but may be because of lack of time, they fail to maintain their mental health. And the conspicuous fact is that it is during situations like this pandemic, where the importance of mental health occupies a pivotal place, may be even a degree higher than the physical health. The importance of having a good mental health is something that people understand only when they face the reality of life, composed with both positive and negative things. For a few, it might be easy to incorporate a salubrious mental health easily, whereas for others, it might take a whole lot of time. And that is the reason the education system must also give proper emphasis on the concept of introducing mental health studies right from the school level. It is often vowed, “When one remains positive, he or she attracts more positivity, and vice versa if opposite is the case.” This statement can be understood by taking a simple example. Often when we quarrel, there is an exchange of a lot of negative emotions. And till the point we focus on exchanging negative emotions, negativity would only increase and things would eventually turn out to be more and more negative. So the point is instead of focusing on the negativity prevailing, one should first focus on incorporating the positive vibes within him and then slowly start the process of rebuilding things, eliminating the negativity, because it’s always better to build things rather than to break it. So the crucial thing is that in order to have a strong mental set up, it is important to be ‘positive’ rather than having a mind that is loaded with all kinds of negativity.

Further in order to inculcate positivity within oneself, an individual basically needs to practice just two simple things – gratitude and meditation. But, it is also crucial for us to understand how gratitude and meditation can bring in immense levels of positivity in our lives. If we carefully analyze, negativity more often than not is a result of the attachment associated with a particular outcome. This can be understood by taking into consideration a simple example. For instance, if a thing is not happening for an individual at the current juncture, it’s important for that person to let that thing go for the time being and then focus on the right steps to get that same thing back at a later phase. Since letting that particular thing go for the current time just allows the person to breathe freely without holding any expectation of getting the same thing back at that point of time. And if a person can realize this fact and understand to value or to be thankful of the things that he or she has, then that individual would start enjoying life without stress and anxiety, thus making his mental strength strong.

In short, the practice of gratitude helps the body to release hormones like endomorphins and dopamine. Endomorphins are known as ‘stress releasing hormones’ and dopamine as ‘happy hormones’. Furthermore in order to bring into place positivity, a person has to experience internal peace. And one of the best steps that can be taken to bring internal peace in a person’s life is the art of practicing meditation. In fact it is often said that if a person practices an activity for 21 days continuously, it becomes a habit. So, if a person practices meditation at least for 10 minutes before going to sleep at night and after waking up in the morning, then a person can eliminate all the negativities from his mind and the art of doing meditation would soon become a habit for him. Hence in one or the other way, in order to inculcate the feeling of positivity within oneself, the person should definitely practice the art of meditation.

Therefore, precisely, in order to have a strong mental set up or in other words to create a salubrious mental health, there must be a combination of positivity, gratitude and meditation. And if a person can master these skills, no matter how difficult the situation is, he would always view things in an optimistic way and would always try to come out with a solution to solve the lingering issue. Hence a person should always try to keep himself as much positive as possible, since with the positive energy one can always attract positive things towards himself.

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