Who conspired to defame and tarnish Bengaluru’s image?

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By: RK Sinha

The way communal violence was inflamed on a trivial issue, in some parts of IT capital of India, Bengaluru on last Tuesday, it must be assured by the state government that its culprits do not escape from punishment at any cost. They must be awarded strict punishment, in order to teach them a lesson and prevent them from repeating this kind of fracas in future. Firm action should be taken by the government against all those who have conspired and contributed to turning a Facebook fracas into a violent communal mobilisation and polarisation. This violence has caused the lives of few innocents, many were injured, and it damaged heavily the government and private property. This violent incident has sent negative message to the world, which is concerning. Lakhs of foreign professionals reside in BANGLORE. Just think, what kind of image would have been created in the minds of these professionals and their family members residing in other countries of the world by this violence in bengaluru and India.

Bengaluru, which has entrepreneurial culture, cosmopolitan character and a modern metropolis, witnessed burning of vehicles at various places by the riotous and ATM’s were also vandalised. They attacked at the residence of a Congress MLA. Actually, a so called relative of Congress MLA Akhand Shrivast Murti allegedly posted a so called offensive Facebook post about Prophet Muhammad, which caused this planned retaliation. The big question, whether in India, only violence is left that will be practised in order to show protest? A legal police action would have been taken against the person who was alleged to degrade the image of Prophet Muhammad. No one would have objected. But, No one has the right the break the law and order situation of the society by taking law into their own hands.

The recent incident of Bengaluru has cleared that religious bigotry has taken a deeply grave character in India. Self proclaimed hardcore bigot and some fanatic Muslims have set the trend of violent protest on roads and public places on insignificant issues. They are spreading bigotry in the name of religion. This is increasing barbarism in a section of the society. The mysterious quiet behaviour of pseudo secularist liberals on the Islamic kathmullas (Islamic bigots) is scaring and exposing their biased and pro Islamic attitude. They have certainly gone in hiding to an unknown place. Should not have they condemned this shameful incident?

These kathmullas provoked and inflamed poor Muslims in slums in Bengaluru in the name of blasphemy. This resulted in sabotaging of property by the fanatic mob. This violent vandalisation lasted for hours. Police when interrupted, were attacked by mob. Sixty police personnel were injured. This is a worrying number.

Why has assembly of liberals who earned good enough under protection of past governments is silent on this issue? All those people who are battling against majority and minority particularism and their communal belief, felt embarrassed by the actions of these so-called pseudo leftist liberals. These sections lay thorns in the path of those millions of people who are fighting against the fanatics and illiterates among them. They are truly shameless. It should be remembered that politics of polarisation is not going to end in near future, as it is being regularly irrigated and nurtured by some selfish and self-centred politicians for their cheap political gains. Unless a strong law is made and anti-polarisation move gets the support of all the political parties, ruling as well as opposition, the kind of incident Bengaluru witnessed will repeat itself in future.

A section of Muslims in the country has almost adopted Talibani mindset. In the last few days, during the laying of foundation stone of Ram temple in Ayodhya, they were openly seen stating that, in the coming time, they will again construct the mosque after demolishing the temple, that is being constructed. Even the Ram temple has not been constructed yet, still they are conspiring and threatening to demolish and destroy it by bombing. Is it the kind of democracy our forefathers and constitution makers have envisioned and freedom fighters sacrificed their lives for? Why do so-called Lutyen’s gang did not utter a single word? Why the award wapasi (return) gang has renounced the job of creating a fake atmosphere of intolerances? No candle March function (ironically) was organised. These shameless intellectuals are only spreading their propaganda and simultaneously disregarding the country. Creating a fake and negative image of India in the world. India always follows “Unity in diversity”. To betray the one who helps them is their real character. This must be curbed.

Pay attention, everyone tolerate the disrespect of their ideals. Why? This is their problem. But they will never tolerate the disrespect in the majesty of their Rasool (messenger of the Prophet Muhammad). They have decided the punishment of their Gustakh-e-Rasool (disrespect of their Prophet) and they will certainly award it. In all this struggle, they will die and murder everyone who will come in between. They are hardly bothered about the law established by the Constitution. They love their Prophet more than their sons. If they even offer flower to someone showing love, they will say” I love you most, after Allah and the Prophet “. The one, who wants brotherhood with them, has to accept all these conditions. They do not really care about “Mim Bheem”. They cannot even entertain healthy and constructive criticism. They do not protest on roads demanding education and jobs but burn the peace and harmony in the name of religion. Is their religion so weak, that it become hurted by simply criticising.

However, all the culprits engaged in conspiring, inflaming and has participated in the Bengaluru violence must be put behind bars and cannot be left at any cost. Now, Conspirators have been identified. Arrests are on. The damage to the properties should be recovered from them after identifying these hooligans with the help of cctv cameras recordings. These fanatics completely disrupt and impede the normalcy. These riots have unreasonably created stain on the great and positive image of India. Who gave them the right to disturb the lives of innocent people? Strong proofs have been ascertained that the inflamed riots were pre-planned conspiracy. Otherwise riots of that gravity would not have been flared up in a few hours. The place where the riots flared up has a long history of peaceful coexistence of different religions. They were not having any enmity towards each other. But suddenly this harmony was disturbed by someone. Undoubtedly, the riot has trembled IT capital of India. Bangaluru police should be congratulated that they prevented the riot from spreading in other parts of metropolis. It can be said a great achievement for the police. Now the rioters should be identified and a strict lesson should be taught to them which they should remember lifelong. The larger imperative fit for the Bengaluru , the reputation of being one of the most vibrant and diverse cities of the world must be preserved and should not be compromised. (The writer is a senior editor, columnist and Former MP)

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