Why Ayodhya need Lord Rama?

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By: Alok Kumar Choudhary

Ayodhya – The name itself is enough to reflect the vibrant history of India. Ayodhya is the same place which is historically being considered as the lab of ideal governance under the administration of Lord Rama famously often termed as Ram Rajya.

Even Mahatma Gandhi’s dream of Ram Rajyawas imported from the same Ayodhya. The ideal governance system of Ayodhya had has inspired not only India or Indians but also Indonesians. Needless to say, this ideal system was laid by none other than Lord Rama whose name is being used today by almost every political class of our nation.

Time has changed the fortunes of Ayodhya. Today Ayodhya is no longer seen as the centre of ideal governance instead it has become the centre of politics and hate.

There is no denying the fact that Ayodhya is a place where Lord Rama was born but where in Ayodhya was he born? This is being debated in courts. Hindus believe that Rama was born at the place where Babri mosque stands today. The same Babari mosque which was built in 1528 but there is an intense debate whether this mosque was built after demolishing a temple which used to be the birthplace of Lord Rama.

Britishers left India in 1947 but they also failed to resolve this issue? Maybe because it was against their divide and rule policy.

The same policy which was given by Britishers continued even after Independence and Ayodhya eventually turned out as a famous centre of hate and division. Yes, this is the same Ayodhya where Lord Rama preached peace and tolerance. Many people still remember the communal waves of 1991 when the Babri mosque was demolished by fringe groups. Yes, if the mosque was built out of hate for Hindus after plundering the temple which used to be the birthplace of Rama. It needs to be discarded but whatever happened in 1991 was unfortunate and illegal. Discarding mosque should be done legally and constitutionally not just by a group of crowds. In Islam, it is strictly prohibited to offer prayers at any disputes place which makes Ayodhya issue not an issue of Islam as claimed by those groups who are against the temple construction in Ayodhya.

As far as the evidence that a temple existed prior to the mosque is concerned, it has been precisely revealed in the excavation of 2002 by ASI in Ayodhya. The Allahabad high court had also acknowledged this fact and now the same report is in Supreme Court which is likely to pronounce its decision in less than a month putting an end to this age-long conflict.

No one can deny this that significance of Ayodhya lies with Lord Rama, not with Mughal ruler Babur. For decades, due to this unnecessary conflict, the Ayodhya of Lord Rama lost almost everything. From peace, better administration to tourism.  Ayodhya has the potential to grow as one of the major tourism hubs of India. Maybe similar like that of Mecca in Arab or Vatican City. Imagine the economic transformation Ayodhya will witness if it becomes a major tourist hub. The Supreme Court verdict will make one party win and other lose which will only increase the gap between religious communities. Its time, those Muslim parties who are fighting against Lord Rama in court must happily hand over the disputed land to Hindus who believe the disputed site to be the holiest site of Hinduism. There is no rationale behind advocating for Babur. Ayodhya can only grow with Lord Rama and a temple over here will restore the lost fortunes of the city. Be it Hindus or Muslims, the Temple of Lord Rama will flood jobs for both the community which will improve their living standards. This will be literally the start of Ram Rajya for Ayodhya. Everyone will be happy and prosper with tourism and economic development in the name of Lord Rama.

Maybe most of the Muslims have nothing to do with Babur or his mosque which was made out of hate for Hindus. Ordinary Muslims of Ayodhya too want better infrastructure, earnings from tourism and these all can only become a reality if the temple is restored at the disputed site of Ayodhya peacefully which many don’t want because of vested political interests.Babur will not bring any tourist to Ayodhya, Rama will because the importance of Ayodhya is associated with Rama.

Let’s stop this age old battle in the name of Rama in Ayodhya instead it would be better if everyone gives up their ego for the betterment of Ayodhya in the name of Lord Rama. If possible, out of court settlement must come if possible or else whatever the decision of Supreme Court comes, all must happily work to restore the birthplace for Rama giving up their ego. Ayodhya and Rama both are important to each other and also for the welfare of both Hindus and Muslims of Ayodhya economically, socially.

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