Yogi’s resolution to a new sun of possibilities in UP

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By: Lalit Garg

A powerful & self explaining picture of Prime Minister Narendra Modi and Uttar Pradesh Chief Minister Yogi Adityanath is creating stir on the media and social media these days, which has become a response to the speculation related to the chief ministerial candidate of the Bharatiya Janata Party in the upcoming Uttar Pradesh elections. Not only the chief ministerial candidate but the future picture of Uttar Pradesh has also been showed through the picture. This picture of Modi walking with his hand on Yogi’s shoulder has also made the relationship between Yogi and Modi clear. A lot has been said by this one picture, something remains which Yogi has said in these words that we have left by vowing and dedicate our mind & soul towards nation. Our main goal is to illuminate new sun rays and go higher on the pinnacle of glory and development of our country. By this sentence it seems to be new slogan and new goal of BJP to make a new India.

This picture is not only clarifying the future strategy of BJP in Uttar Pradesh, but also solving many doubts and showing the possibilities. Just before the Uttar Pradesh assembly elections, Prime Minister Narendra Modi arrived in Lucknow for two days and on Sunday, Modi was seen talking with Chief Minister Yogi in solitude with his hands on his shoulders and in the evening met with Deputy Chief Minister Keshav Prasad Maurya at the airport. The face of the picture – clarifies the strategy of the upcoming election. The picture of Yogi-Keshav with Modi is being said to tell the future politics of BJP in UP.

Assembly elections are to be held in Uttar Pradesh in the beginning of 2022 next year, not only the eyes of various political parties, but their entire strength is engaged in these elections. BJP is working together on many strategies to raise the sun of BJP in power again. This time the focus of the party is on those assembly seats on which its candidates had to face defeat in the 2017 elections. The BJP along with its allies had won 325 out of 403 seats in the 2017 UP assembly elections. It had to face defeat in 78 seats. The question is, will the BJP be able to tie the wink of victory on its head this time too with so many huge seats?

BJP argues that it is not possible for the candidates who could not win in the event of a huge wave to win in the next election. Therefore, tickets will not be given to those 78 candidates who lost in the 2017 elections. It is worth mentioning that immediately after the 2017 elections, the BJP had reviewed the 78 seats where it had to face defeat. The BJP organization had found in the review that in many places the personal influence of the candidate, in many places the effect of the candidate’s caste and in some places the defeat was due to other reasons.

The most important thing in this election compared to the last election is Yogi Adityanath. In 2017, the BJP did not have a chief minister’s face in the state before, but this time it has the face of Yogi Adityanath, who also has the experience of running the government for nearly five years and has some unique resolve. Yogi has talked about raising a new sun. The sun is such a terrestrial constellation that governs the entire creation. The energy, heat and light of the sun is a meaningful explanation of life, because without energy; there is no life. The journey of development without heat is meaningless. A life without light is a silence immersed in the darkness. That is why in the light we seek truth with our awake eyes. Therefore, it is a basic necessity for the sun to descend in the courtyard of Uttar Pradesh. Its reception will give dynamism, brilliance to the state.

In the year 2022 Uttar Pradesh elections, it is also decided that Samajwadi Party and Bahujan Samaj Party will be in separate election fray, both the parties had fought the last assembly elections separately, but both the parties fought the 2019 general election together. In the last assembly elections, the Congress had an alliance with the Samajwadi Party, but this time it is finding it difficult. This time Priyanka Gandhi is the face of Congress in Uttar Pradesh and Asaduddin Owaisi will also be in the fray. All these electoral equations are auspicious for BJP. The biggest auspicious thing happened only by taking the resolution of raising a new sun. Because the process of getting up from sleep and getting up and walking has a name, the rising of the sun. With the speed of time the sun rises in the sky. As he scales heights, he spreads his wings of light with the same breadth and breadth on the ground. He brings with him new gifts every morning in the name of man, of willpower, of willpower, of working power, of good governance, of honesty, of guilt. When the sun descends into the courtyard, piercing the layers of intense darkness, the nature becomes very alive, because the waking night in the presence of the sun gives many aspirations of development. This is the moment of emergence, from which the creative consciousness awakens. After getting into dreams, thoughts get involved in efforts to reach the end. Such a scenario is inherent in the thoughts of the Yogi.

One name of life is light. The search for truth begins in the light. The vision of life is confined in the mirror of light, whereas life in darkness becomes insecure, fearful, apprehensive, cowardly, and weak. As it has been seen in the rule of the previous governments of Yogi. In the resolutions of the BJP, the voice of not only the formation of a new Uttar Pradesh is clearly being heard, but the new India is also going to be built from this. Because whether the darkness is outside or inside, both lose the meaning of life. The people of Uttar Pradesh want a new life and environment which is full of ray of positivity and give wings and freedom to their thoughts. Yogi Adityanath must be a man who gives new dimensions of progress in the state. The rule of honesty has been established.

The BJP organization was of the view that the party was in a position to win 50 more seats under the kind of wave it had in 2017. But it was defeated due to lack of personal influence of the candidates. BJP is taking those 78 seats very seriously this time. Therefore, it has almost been decided not to repeat the candidates who lost from these seats in the last elections. It is not that in the upcoming UP elections, BJP is going to cut tickets only for the candidates who lost in 2017. This time the tickets of several dozen other MLAs are set to be cut. Such decisions will also become the means of welcoming the new sun of possibilities.

Not only BJP leaders and workers but also the general public are hopeful of the performance of Chief Minister Yogi Adityanath that the party will return to power again. Different regions of Uttar Pradesh have different importance in terms of elections and each region has its own issues and problems. The issue of farmers is prominent in western Uttar Pradesh. In which there are important issues like payment of cane arrears, MSP. Water problem has always been there in Bundelkhand. This area is drought affected. It is considered a neglected area of Uttar Pradesh. It is said that it does not remain in the agenda of development. But now the whole of Uttar Pradesh has changed and is on a new path of development. Really! A awake man can remain safe, because wrong habits, bad attitudes, immoral values dominate the sleeping person. That’s why it’s time for the voters of Uttar Pradesh to wake up and welcome the new hope, new rise and new possibilities of the state. (The author is journalist & columnist; he can be reached at [email protected])

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