Alert sounded in Siang belt following landslide block in Tsangpo River

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By: Prafulla Kaman

PASIGHAT, Oct 20: The district administration East Siang in Arunachal Pradesh on Thursday issued an alert asking people living on bath banks of mighty Siang river not to go near the river and to remain alert of an unprecedented flash flood.

The alert was sounded following the formation of an artificial lake on the Yarlung Tsangpo in China on Wednesday after a cliff fell on a section of the river, which China has shared to Central Water Commission of India.

The water level of the Siang river in Upper Siang, Siang and East Siang districts of Arunachal Pradesh has gone down due to the reported landslide block and also led to fears of great flood in the downstream Arunachal and Upper Assam if the dam formed by the landslide breaks.

The Yarlung Tsangpo is called Siang once it enters Arunachal Pradesh from Tibet and the same river is known as the Lali in downstream Assam, which is a major tributary of Brahmaputra River.

“We got a report from the Central Water Commission (CWC) about the landslide in Tibet. Siang River is reportedly receding by around 2 metres at Tuting in Upper Siang district on Wednesday,” said Upper Siang Deputy Commissioner D Kamduk.

East Siang district District Magistrate Tamiyo Tatak following the report has issued an executive order and cautioned local people not to venture into Siang and peripheral areas to collect driftwood, fishing or swimming apprehending a sudden flash flood in the downstream areas in case the dam bursts and releases the vast quantity of accumulated water.

Thus, people living in low lying areas (both the right and left bank of Siang River) viz Jarku, Paglek, SS Mission, Jarkong, Banskota, Berung, Jampani, Sigar, Ralling, Borguli, Seram, Kongkul, Namsing, Mer, Gadum, etc are asked to remain alert. The administration however asked the people not to panic for any eventuality that may happen due to above reasons, said that authority is keeping constant vigil over the situation.

Earlier in August this year too, the district administration sounded such flood alert following report of heavy downpour at Tsangpo River in China, which was relayed to Arunachal government by Government of India, sounded alert of possible deluge by Siang river and asked the people residing in low lying areas to refrain from venturing into Siang river and nearby water bodies to prevent any eventualities.

It was reported that Tsangpo River was swelling with observed discharge of 9020 cumec on August 30 this year, which has broke the record of last five decades. But, there was no deluge happened as feared by the people.

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