CEM brainwashing people against us, alleges APHLC

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HT Bureau

DIPHU, Sept 18: All Party Hill Leaders Conference (APHLC) alleged that chief executive member (CEM) of Karbi Anglong Autonomous Council (KAAC), Tuliram Ronghang is instigating people against the party.

APHLC was not allowed to hold a meeting at Dongkamukam on September 17 in the Member of Autonomous Council (MAC) constituency of Bithung Rengthama, the home constituency of CEM Ronghang.

In a press conference held at the residence of JI Kathar, the president of APHLC at DC Colony here, spokesperson Angtong Engti said that CE, KAAC, Ronghang is trying hard to brainwash the people.

Engti said, “The APHLC has been holding awareness meet on 6th Schedule of the Constitution. Due to the strong base established by the APHLC, CEM Tuliram Ronghang got jittery and he tried as much to brainwash the people by saying “What you want is development. No monetary benefit will come by learning all documents. But, he has been unsuccessful resulting in the people coming to us. He is at his wits end and he want that no party other then the BJP should hold a meeting in Bithung Rengthama.”

President, APHLC, JI Kathar condemning the incident of not being allowed to hold his party’s meet at Dongkamukam, said, “We condemned the incident and request the government that such goondagiri be not allowed and pass an order against such goondas. In this democratic country according to Article 14 and Article 19 we can hold a meeting and express our free speech. The prevention of our activities is violation of the constitution and think that the incident against us is goondami. The incident at Vomu Atar, yesterday (September 17) reminds us of the violence of 10-15 years back when the Autonomous State Demand Committee (ASDC) and CPI (ML) which divided Karbi Anglong, Tuliram Ronghang is trying to bring that back.”

Kathar expressing his fear on demographic change in tribal lands said, “There is nothing wrong in creating awareness among the people. In 1951 the tribal population was 96%, tribal population is only 55%. In 1951 the Karbi population was 88%, now it is 44%. This going down of percentage does not indicate that the Karbis has been dying out. It means that foreigners has come in, outsiders have come in. People from Bihar and Bengal has come in that’s why our percentage has gone down. If our population keep on going down we will face the same problems that the tribal population are facing in the plains district. It is a serious problem. Law should be enacted and strengthen the 6th schedule. Every MoU singed has weakened the 6th schedule.”

Meanwhile, director of Jirsong Asong (JA), NGO, Fr. Tommy has clarified their on why they did not allow APHLC to hold meeting at their premises.

The NGO said that they have never allowed any political party to hold a meeting in its premises.

A social media post reads “In Bithung, West Karbi Anglong All Party Hills Leaders Conference (APHLC) was not allowed to hold a meeting for three times. The fourth time Jirsong Asong was not allowed to hold its meet at JA. President, APHLC, JI Kathar said that CEM Tuliram Ronghang and his supporters might have threatened the Father, that is why JA has not allowed the meeting.”

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