Need uniformity or standardization between spoken and written Karbi language: KLA chief

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Three-day-long annual session of KLA concludes at Longnit

HT Bureau

DIPHU, Jan 23: The 28th annual general conference of Karbi Lammet Amei (KLA) concluded at Kurna Taro Aklam, Borchan (Borjan), Longnit in Karbi Anglong on Thursday with new president and other office bearers taking over the charge of the literary body. Hidinath Rongpi was elected as president and Liladhar Teron as general secretary of KLA in the session for two-year term from 2020-21 to 2021-22. KLA also appointed its vice presidents Kamsing Hanse and Hukursing Rongpi and two assistant secretaries Joysing Tokbi and Joyram Ronghang.

Outgoing president Suren Kramsa handed over the charge to the new elected president Rongpi in the open session held in the later part of the day. Taking charge as the new president, Hidinath Rongpi said he would devote himself for development of Karbi language and literature. “During the 80s and 90s there were differences regarding adoption of script for writing Karbi language. Some preferred Assamese script, while another section wanted Roman script. But it was agreed to adopt Roman script for writing Karbi language. The KLA at one time was becoming stagnant with little activities, but in the last three to four years, it is developing fast,” Rongpi said.

He acknowledged the support extended by Karbi Anglong Autonomous Council (KAAC) chief executive member (CEM) Tuliram Ronghang for development of Karbi language. Rongpi also mentioned about the contribution made by late Bonglong Terang, the premier writer of the Karbis. He has collected and written Karbi rituals and practises of Karbi customary laws. Terang’s dedication is still found in his books. There is variation in the spoken form of Karbi language with that of the hills and plain districts Karbis, which need to bring uniformity or standardization in the language, Rongpi further said.

The outgoing president Kramsa thanked all the co-members in extending support during his five year term in working for the promotion of Karbi language. He assured to continue to work for the development of the language. EM for art & culture, Rupsing Teron said Karbi language is very rich and has enough vocabulary. He reminded that it is the responsibility of each and every Karbi to promote the language.

In his address, Karbi Cultural Society (KCS) president Chandrasing Kro said both KLA and KCS should work together for promotion of Karbi language and culture. The open session was attended by EM and president, reception committee Amarsing Tisso and EMs Khonsing Rongpi, Raju Tisso, Kache Rongpipi and MAC Sema Ronghangpi and Reception Committee, secretary Dr. Lipson Rongpi and others.

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