Pramod Boro confident of winning all 12 seats in BTR

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‘Congress Mahajot sans person with leadership material’

By Sandeep Sharma

KOKRAJHAR, March 30: Bodoland Territorial Council (BTC) chief Pramod Boro is confident of winning the upcoming elections saying that the BJP-UPPL-AGP-GSP alliance will capture all 12 seats in the elections.

“I am very confident that our alliance will do the best in Assam. We have basically three political parties joining together in the NDA- BJP, AGP and UPPL. And in our Bodoland we are the strongest team among these four. We are contesting directly in eight seats; AGP and BJP are supporting us in these eight seats and the other three seats we are having a friendly contest. I am hopeful that we will win all the eight seats. We will also win one or two seats where we are having a friendly contest,” Boro, who is also the president of United People’s Party Liberal (UPPL), said.

In the last BTC election, Bodoland People’s Front (BPF) had emerged as the single largest party but could not form the government in the council. UPPL, BJP and GSP formed the government in the council. Now in this election BPF has fielded 12 candidates under the BTR.

“I don’t think BPF can win 12 seats in this election because you can see the 17 years of anti-incumbency against the BPF. BPF being in power had damaged all the systems of the council and they have corrupted most of the funds coming from the Centre. During their tenure, if you go through different years and different incidents you will see lots of violence took place, communal conflicts took place, and misunderstanding among different communities had erupted in this region,” Boro said.

“So in the last 17 years people have experienced a terrible situation in politics in this particular region and that’s why BPF will be totally rejected by the people of this area,” Boro said.

“After the UPPL and its allied groups had formed the government in the last 2-3 months, people have experienced a peaceful atmosphere, and a fearless situation after many years,” he said.

“People were under pressure and under threat of BPF, BLTs in the last 17 years and so they wanted a peaceful atmosphere to live; they wanted to preserve their identity, language, culture and everything. But at the time of BPF, they did not support any community progress and did not preserve their identity and culture. After forming the government, we have addressed all these issues, we have started promoting their culture, language, and also addressed their social issues too for which they were facing a lot of problems,” the BTC chief said.

“Now, we need some sustainable change to continue with this peaceful atmosphere, to ensure the security of the people living in this Bodoland region and have to also provide them good governance. Without good governance, people of this region cannot access any development,” the UPPL supremo said.

“So good governance is the major issue, and we should ensure the provision of that. We have to change the mindset of the people and also the bureaucratic lobby from the BPF rule as there is nexus between politicians and bureaucrats in regards to corruption and we have to stop all this for the betterment of the society,” he said.

“We have lots of issues now, in 17 years of BPF, there were no innovative ideas, no new policies, no new schemes. They have only distributed some of the money coming from the state and the centre. Corruption was at its peak. So we have to do a lot of things. These are the issues people want to end- land rights, social rights, political rights, cultural rights and overall if you see that a peaceful atmosphere is desired by all,” he also said.

When asked whether the upcoming poll will have an impact on the BTC government, Boro said: “In Assam this is not going to result in anything as people can’t see any face of leadership out of this Mahajot. Congress has no face of leadership, even Badruddin Ajmal has already been rejected by the minorities, Hagrama’s politics is the worst. So there is no face value.”

“People want someone to follow in a politically run state, and should have a leader with vision and mission to follow which lacks in that group. But the BJP or the allied group have a lot of faces who can run this state and lead the society so that’s the difference,” Boro said.

“These 50-60 years of corruption in the country in the name of regional groups have corrupted administrative, socio-cultural bonds among communities. So now nobody is going to support them,” Boro said.

In Bodoland we have a common minimum agenda and in Assam too, i.e. because in Assam we need BJP led NDA government as in the last 5 years the performance was so good. If you see the Corona crisis, Assam was the best. Under the leadership of PM Modi, Amit Shah, Assam had a very wonderful experience. If you see some decades back, we do not have the opportunity to see our PM or a home minister. But in the last 5 years, our PM has visited Assam so many times that he has become our family member and the home minister too has visited several districts of the state in these years,” Boro further said.

“There will be an impact in the BTC region, the fate of BPF will be decided in this election. For their misrule, ignorance, corruption and illegal activities people will completely reject them in this election,” he added.

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