Advantages of Dual Specialisation

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By: Kaustov Kashyap

In the rat race, the skilled professionals stay ahead.

Over the past few decades, the business landscape has been overhauled completely. With the growth of the economy, new businesses and industries have entered the playing field. This has resulted in a growing demand for professionals who understand how this new business landscape functions. The best way to gain this understanding is to earn a PGDM degree. However, with so many PGDM options available, how do you decide which is the best for you? The answer is simple – a dual specialization PGDM programme. Here are a few advantages of earning a dual specialization PGDM degree:

Dual skills sets: A dual specialisation allows students to gain knowledge on two different business areas. This ensures that students gain more exposure and skills compared to those who study only one specialization. Since businesses are looking for professionals who can multi-task efficiently, it’s a win-win situation.

More job opportunities: These days, a huge number of people have a PGDM degree, which has resulted in students struggling to find good job opportunities. However, a dual specialization is what you need to stand out of the crowd. Not only you will be a master of two different sectors of a business, but you will also have opportunities knocking from two separate doors. Furthermore, with a dual specialization, you will be open to various job roles as your qualifications will match diverse job profiles.

Easier career shift: A dual specialization is a tool which will enable you to move from one domain to another with minimum hassle as you will have expertise in two sections of business making it easier for you to shift. For instance, you choose to work as an HR after you graduate with a PGDM degree in HR and Marketing. However, after a few years down the line, you realise that you would like to shift to the marketing domain, with your degree you can easily shift to that domain.

Above average managerial skills: There isn’t a single PGDM programme that doesn’t focus on developing managerial skills in their students. However, with a dual specialization, you can develop your managerial skills with twice as much focus. You will be exposed to higher levels of critical thinking and problem solving which in turn will ensure that hold advanced managerial skills.

Be an entrepreneur: As a business owner, you will need to possess skills in multiple business domains. A dual specialization ensures that you do. This will help you understand how an organization works, their management and the external factors that you should consider when building your start-up.

The right tools: To find success in the world of business, a person must possess above average knowledge and training. With a PGDM dual specialization degree, a student learns twice as much as they would in a traditional PGDM programme. Every student possesses twice the skills, knowledge and training.

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